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Jun 2, 2022

ZZ Top

zztop was an American rock band that was formed in Houston, Texas in 1969. The band was comprised of vocalist-guitarist Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard, with Dusty Hill as vocalist-bassist until Hill’s passing in 2021. Their live performances, humorous lyrics and similar appearances to Hill and Gibbons are what made them so popular. Hill and Gibbons were often seen with their long beards, sunglasses and hats.

zztop returned to the stage in 1979 after a long hiatus. Hill and Gibbons wore sunglasses and had matching chest-length beards. The group started to experiment with drum machines and synthesizers after the release of El Loco (1981). They created a mainstream sound and were popularized by Eliminator (1983), and Afterburner (85), which combined influences from new wave and punk with dance-rock.

ZZ Top , American rock band famous

ZZ Top was founded in Houston by Gibbons, former member of the blues-rock band Moving Sidewalks. Hill and Beard had previously performed in the band American Blues.

The hit album Fandango reached the top 20 on the Billboard singles charts two years later. The group’s 1976 Worldwide Texas Tour, during which they performed on a Texas-shaped stage with props including snakes, cacti and cattle, was one of the most successful concert tours in the 1970s.


zztop’s music can be instantly recognized, is eminently strong, deeply soulful, and is 100% Texas American. They have sold millions of records during their career, and were officially named Heroes of The State of Texas.

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The band toured the globe

After a long hiatus, during which each member of the band toured the globe, they changed labels from British Decca’s London label, to Warner Bros., and returned with two provocative albums, Deguello, and El Loco.

ZZ TOP’s retrospective career, The Very Baddest, was released in 2014. The retrospective covers the entire period of ZZ TOP’s London, Warner Bros., and RCA careers. The 40-track double CD and the 20-track single CD allow listeners to follow the evolution in the sound of the band from the 1970s through the 2000s.

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