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Why Is Sleeping Hard?


Sep 19, 2022
Why Is Sleeping Hard

A problem most youth encounter in today’s world is how to fall asleep quickly. It has become a widely known issue that it is common for us to see many people post about it in the mainstream media, often creating memes, and videos, and sharing their funny stories about it. Though we can turn it into something comedic, it is alarming to one’s health as it often creates stress and discomfort. 

A disorder related to this problem is called insomnia wherein a person has trouble falling asleep. One might be troubled to go to sleep, stay asleep, and have a good sleep when diagnosed with insomnia. This disorder is often caused by stress, irregular sleeping schedules, and physical pain and is also affected by other mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. 

An unhealthy lifestyle and routines can also be a cause of this disorder as well as hormonal fluctuations which are more common in women experiencing menstruation and menopause. It can also be because of the load from school, work, finances, and other concerns that may bother your mind causing you to stress even when you are in bed. 

So, is there a treatment for people who suffer from insomnia? Well luckily, insomnia isn’t something that can’t be treated. By simply changing factors in our lives, we can get rid of them quite easily. 


A simple thing that can be done to treat insomnia is by changing the routines and habits that we do. An example might be sleeping late at night. Having an irregular sleeping schedule is one of the main reasons why people suffer from insomnia and by changing this behavior, we can easily overcome this problem. Implementing rules before going to bed like not using your phone 10 minutes before sleeping or meditating before bed is another great way to treat insomnia. 

Exercising is also proven to be effective in getting rid of insomnia. Stretching, basic cardio or any physical activity is not only good for people having trouble falling asleep but also for our overall health. Since exercising releases endorphins from our body, it helps us feel energized resulting in us getting good sleep. 

In correlation with our health, our nutrition is as equally important as having a fit body. Consuming nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables can be very helpful when resolving any issues with our sleeping. A healthy diet comes hand in hand when aiming for a healthy lifestyle therefore including this in your routine will ease your sleeping problems. 


If ever your insomnia didn’t get any better, it might be better to see a doctor and get prescribed pills. Medication or pills also reduce the trouble of going to sleep and help the person get a good sleep. Doctors might not recommend solely relying on pills to get rid of your insomnia because some of them contain side effects that can affect individuals differently. 

A great sleeping pill you can try is the Medterra CBD gummies. Rather than the traditional sleeping pills you take, these are gummies that allow you to relax before going to bed. Unlike other sleeping products, these gummies are vegan and do not have any artificial flavoring. Most people that suffer from insomnia are often scared to take medications because of the false advertising done by the companies. The Medterra CBD gummies assure you that they come from natural herbs for the user to feel all the benefits that come with them. It has already been tested multiple times and reviewed by many people guaranteeing its quality. 

Wrapping Up

Thus, for us to be able to get a good night’s sleep by changing our lifestyle into a better one. Although it might be easier said than done, doing these simple changes can benefit you long term. It is centered on our discipline and how well we can execute these changes to our habits. Because it is much more common among the youth, the majority think that it is normal to have these irregular and messy sleeping schedules when in fact it can affect one’s health negatively. Therefore, we should certainly start changing these unhealthy habits and start a healthy lifestyle. Even if it might seem difficult to break from these habits, small steps can eventually lead to major changes. 

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