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Why Choose Purdue University for Your Undergraduate Degree?


Feb 17, 2023
Why Choose Purdue University for Your Undergraduate Degree

An education from Purdue University is the key to unlocking unlimited opportunities. With a top-ranked undergraduate program, you will experience rigorous academic programs taught by world-renowned professors and motivated peers. Find out why now is the time to attend Purdue University and get the best educational experience!

World-Class Facilities and Faculty.

Purdue University’s top-ranking undergraduate program is supported by world-class facilities and faculty. With over 200 majors, 500 student orgs, and endless research opportunities, Purdue has something to offer virtually every student. With dedicated professors and state-of-the-art laboratories and centers, you’ll have access to all the tools to help you reach your highest potential.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities.

Purdue University provides a unique hands-on learning experience with its top-notch internship, study abroad and research opportunities. With these opportunities, students can get real-world experience to prepare them for their future careers. The university also offers plenty of ways for students to explore their interests beyond the classroom including clubs, events, and activities in the community.

A Unique University Community and Culture.

Purdue University creates an inclusive and welcoming community of students from all over the world. From cultural activities to volunteering in the community, there’s something for everyone at Purdue. With its safe and friendly environment, Purdue is uniquely situated to help you make friends and explore new experiences that contribute to a great educational experience.

Unrivaled Student Resources.

Purdue offers expansive academic resources and research opportunities, internship potentials, health services, residential dining options, and endless extracurricular activities to boost your learning experience. The campus also provides support to all its students through a range of programs and facilities including counseling, career placements, admissions and more! In addition, Purdue is renowned for having one of the largest collegiate athletic programs in the country. This gives students access to world-class stadiums and playing fields while they pursue their studies.

A Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion on Campus.

Purdue recognizes that diversity and inclusion are essential to our academic mission. We’re committed to creating a campus culture that honors the varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of all students. Diversity initiatives such as heritage courses, student clubs, mentoring programs, and affinity groups help bring together students from different communities so they can learn from each other and share their experiences.

Purdue also works with organizations outside of the university to facilitate meaningful dialogue around important topics like race, identity, gender, and mental health.

From our annual events such as AHA!, the Amplify Purdue Diversity and Inclusion Summit, to our mentorship program Boiler Backbone, we strive to make sure our campus is open and welcoming for all. We also recognize that education is key to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. We offer training sessions on diversity and inclusion topics for faculty, staff, and student leaders.

In addition, Purdue has its own Office of Institutional Equity which works hard to ensure fair treatment of all members of the university community. By continuing our commitment to diversity and inclusion across the entire campus, we can ensure a learning environment that respects every individual’s identity.

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