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What Time Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Open?


Feb 22, 2023
What Time Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Open

Are you wondering what time Walmart Neighborhood Market opens? The answer is different depending on the store’s location and day of the week, but typically stores are open between 7am and 10pm. This article will provide additional information about Walmart Neighborhood Market store hours, location, and services.

What Are the Standard Walmart Neighborhood Market Hours of Operation?

Generally, Walmart Neighborhood Market locations across the country are open from 7am to 10pm, Monday through Sunday. However, hours may vary depending on the location and day of the week. Customers are advised to call ahead for specific store hours prior to visiting a particular location.

Walmart Neighborhood Market stores offer convenience at a lower cost than traditional Walmart stores. These locations focus primarily on the grocery and pharmacy departments, offering select products in other areas such as home goods, apparel, toys, electronics and more. Customers can buy groceries and fill their prescriptions in one convenient stop while taking advantage of Walmart’s everyday low prices. Most of the items you’d find in a usual Walmart store can be found at the smaller-format Walmart Neighborhood Markets with fewer square feet.

How Can Customers Find Out What Time Does a Local Walmart Neighborhood Market Open?

Customers can easily find out what time a local Walmart Neighborhood Market opens by checking the store’s website or by calling the store directly. The store’s webpage offers search options for customers to locate the nearest Walmart Neighborhood Market that meets their needs. Additionally, customers can call the store and leave messages for customer service representatives who will return the call with any inquiries related to local store hours and locations.

Walmart has more than 3,570 Neighborhood Market stores in the U.S., making it more convenient for customers to locate a store nearby for their shopping needs. Moreover, customers can also visit Walmart’s online store locator tool on its website to search for nearby Walmart Neighborhood Markets and get directions to the chosen store. Additionally, through the website or phone call, customers can find out on what days the store is open and closed as well as what services are available within that particular store like a deli or pharmacy.

Are There Any Special Hours or Holiday Hours for Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

Most Walmart Neighborhood Markets have special hours during holidays, which can vary by location. It’s best to check with the store directly to find out its specific holiday hours of operation. Some stores may be open on holidays but offer reduced hours or close early. Additionally, some stores may offer extended hours for certain products such as pharmacy and optical services.

While most Walmart Neighborhood Markets have the same hours during the week, some stay open for longer on certain days. For example, many stores will stay open until 8 PM during weekdays and may even be open until 9 PM on certain days. Additionally, some stores may have different opening times on weekends, such as opening at 10 AM instead of 7 AM or staying open later on Sundays to accommodate customers who don’t have time to shop during normal business hours. To find out a store’s exact hours of operation, call ahead or check their website for details.

What Other Services and Products Do Walmart Neighborhood Markets Offer?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer a wide range of products and services, beyond what you’d typically find in most grocery stores. You can get everything from clothing, electronics, photos, pharmacy items and more. Most stores also have an optician on staff who can provide optical exams and glasses. Additionally, many locations offer the convenience of an auto service center with gas pumps and auto supplies.

Stores generally open at 7 AM, but the exact hours can vary by location. You should call the specific store you plan to visit to find out what time they open and close. Most stores also stay open later in the evenings until 8 PM or 9 PM; however, some locations are limited to shorter hours on certain days.

Is Shopping at a Walmart Neighborhood Market Always Convenient for Customers?

Shopping at a Walmart Neighborhood Market is generally very convenient for customers, due to their extended hours. Most stores open at 7 AM and stay open till 9 PM, with some staying open later on weekdays and weekends. They are typically located in areas close to residential neighborhoods as well, making them easily accessible for shoppers who desire a quick shopping experience.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer customers a selection of essentials such as groceries, prescriptions, and household items. They also stock an assortment of pet supplies and health and beauty products. Additionally, their pharmacies and Vision Center provide much-needed services for customers who need to have time-sensitive medications filled and obtain eye exams respectively. Walmart Neighborhood Market’s extended hours are perfect for shoppers who need to do last minute grocery shopping or pick up emergency medicine after work or on their days off.

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