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Wenxuecity.com – Sources of Articles About Wenxue City


Sep 12, 2022

Chinese expatriates and other Chinese citizens abroad are the main target audience of Wenxuecity.com. The site focuses on providing news, entertainment, and other related information for the Chinese community. It aims to bring the Chinese community closer to its homeland through a new medium, as well as offering entertainment.

Articles on Wenxue City originate from Chinese state media

Articles about Wenxue City tend to originate from Chinese state media and Beijing-friendly international media. These sources contribute the vast majority of articles about the city. However, we have observed an increasing number of articles on Wenxuecity from Western public media. The top five sources of these articles are the Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, and Radio France Internationale.

Many of these articles are critical of the CCP. The CCP and its policies are heavily censored in China. Despite this, Chinese state media frequently feature Xi Jinping alongside other taboo topics. For instance, one article reads, “The ‘last secret’ of the Tiananmen Incident.”

Articles on Wenxue City mention Xi Jinping

Articles about Wenxue City are increasingly appearing in western publications. Although Beijing-friendly and state-funded Chinese media are the most common sources of articles, publicly-funded international media and Taiwanese outlets are also becoming a more frequent source. Of these sources, the most prominent article sources are Radio France Internationale, Voice of America, United Daily News, Radio Free Asia and Deutsche Welle.

The article on Xi Jinping mentions the anticorruption campaign. The campaign involved lawyer Xu Zhiyong, who previously served as a local legislator in Beijing. He called on officials to disclose their income, but was later sentenced to four years in prison. Xu’s former colleague Teng Biao, who was in Germany at the time, was arrested with him.

Although Xi Jinping has been the subject of censorship in China, articles on Wenxuecity mention a wide variety of topics. Some, like the Tiananmen Massacre, are still taboo. Some headlines even mention Xi Jinping’s political ambitions.

Publicly proclaimed

Xi Jinping’s personal ambitions for the presidency have been publicly proclaimed. His father was a Revolutionary veteran who was purged during the Cultural Revolution. Xi Jinping’s grandfather, Xi Zhongxun, is considered a “princeling” by many.

Xi Jinping’s father had previously served in Guangdong province, which has been the center of China’s experiments with the free market. His father was a zealous economic reformer. He also spoke out against the attack on Hu Yaobang by the Old Guard. He told the Old Guard, “Don’t repeat Mao’s treatment of liberals.” However, Xi’s father eventually lost his political power.

The princelings profited from the rise of China, and Xi’s sister was said to have accumulated large real estate and corporate assets. These gains were deemed appropriate by revolutionary families, but they stirred up public anger and threatened the Party’s future.

Xi’s grip on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and government is tight. As Tai Ming Cheung has noted, no Chinese Communist Party leader has ever controlled the military to the extent that Xi has. Unlike Mao Zedong, Xi controls the military directly and has taken on the role of commander-in-chief of the PLA Joint Battle Command. Unlike Mao, Xi is now the sole civilian in charge of the PLA, making him the sole commander-in-chief.

Articles on Wenxue City mention China’s first lady

According to our analysis, only 16.4% of articles about Wenxuecity mention China’ first lady, and only a fraction of those articles were written by state-funded or Beijing-friendly media. Most of the articles, however, came from publicly-funded Western media or outlets affiliated with foreign countries. Among these sources, Radio France Internationale, Voice of America, United Daily News, Radio Free Asia, and Deutsche Welle were among the top five sources.

Articles about Wenxuecity mention the CCP, Xi Jinping, Gong Chan Dang, and Xi Jin Ping. The spike in these articles came in mid-2019. While these topics don’t necessarily represent our country’s first lady, it’s still a sign of how China views women in general.

Peng Liyuan was born in Shandong Province in 1962 and joined the People’s Liberation Army when she was 18. In her 20s, she became a civilian member of the party. She became widely known for her performances on CCTV’s annual New Year’s Gala, which is the most-watched television show in the world. Peng has also appeared in public on several occasions and made political appeals.

Peng Liyuan has an active public life, but the role she plays as a first lady should not be overstated. She’s active in cultural and social events, has attended United Nations meetings, and speaks at local elementary schools about issues such as HIV/AIDS. In many ways, she is more of a public face for the government than a politician.

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