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Use of technology


Feb 21, 2022

While the use of technology in our daily lives has become a way of life, the benefits it brings to us are often disputed. The definition of technology, given by Read Bain in 1937, is often used by scholars and is still common today. By Read Bain’s definition, technology refers to any tool or machine that does work. In addition, technology can include instruments, clothing, and housing. Other, less commonly used definitions focus on tools, utensils, and other devices that help people do their jobs.

What is technology? The word technology derives from two Greek words: techne and logos. Techne means art, while logos means skill, craft, or knowledge. The word logos can also refer to a discourse. The word ‘technology’ refers to any process that uses a material in a practical way. The two words are not the same, but they share similar meanings. While one word is a tool, the other is a process.

The term ‘technology’ comes from two Greek words – techne and logos. The former means craft or skill, while the latter refers to a word used to express inward thought. In other words, techne refers to the knowledge or techniques used to produce a particular product. The former is used to define handicrafts and industrial arts, while the latter focuses on the knowledge needed to create a particular machine.

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