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Undergraduate Programs at Curtin University Malaysia Campus


Jul 22, 2022
Curtin University Malaysia Campus

Curtin University Malaysia is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutes in the region. It is also one of the largest international campuses of Curtin University Australia. It was established in the year 1999. The Malaysian campus provides the opportunity of higher education to the students who cannot continue their education in Australia.

Curtin University Malaysia campus holds significant importance for the South Asian students. Malaysia is more affordable as well as close, as compared to Australia. The quality of education at the main campus and the Malaysian campus is the same. So, most of the South Asian, specifically Pakistani students, opt Curtin University Malaysia.

This article aims to shed light on the undergraduate programs Curtin University Malaysia campus is offering to the international students.

Top 5 Bachelor Programs At Curtin University for Foreign Students

Undergraduate study is one of the most important levels of education, which shapes the career of students. They have to select their subjects quite carefully while keeping their interests, as well as capabilities in mind. Moreover, opting for a reputed institute like Curtin University Malaysia campus further paves their way towards progress and success.

The following are some of the top bachelor programs at Curtin University Malaysia campus for the foreign students.

1.     Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineering)

Petroleum engineering is one of the most demandable engineering fields in this modern era. The reservoirs of the world are decreasing. In such a scenario, petroleum engineering can provide support in identifying the resources and processing them to make them useable.

The students interested in the field often acquire the help of education consultants in Islamabad to secure their admission. They are eager to learn about controlling pollution while increasing the petroleum resources of their country. Finding oil and gas, drilling it, and getting the final product is one of the most satisfying jobs according to their perspective.

2.     Bachelor of Science (Health, Safety, and Environment)

Workplace health, safety, and working condition are often not given much importance. The society forgets that its progress depends on safe, clean, healthy, and risk-free working conditions. Numerous professions include life-threatening working conditions.

The bachelor study program in health, safety, and environment at the Curtin University Malaysia campus is quite unique in this regard. It teaches the students to utilize their critical thinking and analysis skills in order to ensure better, healthy, safe, and risk-free working conditions.

3.     Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing)

One of the distinguishing features of Curtin University Malaysia campus that makes it even more attractive for international students is that it offers admission to double majors. One such program is a bachelor in tourism and hospitality and marketing.

Malaysia is quite famous for tourism. Securing admission in the program will help the students learn the basics, as well as advanced skills of promoting tourism and marketing it. It is significantly important for Pakistani students as tourism is an emerging industry in the country. Getting professional knowledge and skills from a reputed institute will help them excel in their career.

4.     Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)

Construction is one of the most important industries in any country. The progress of this industry highlights the development of the country. So, The Curtin University is offering admission in construction management at the bachelor level to help students become professionals in the field.

The students will get the opportunity of learning about quantity measurement and cost estimating, construction technology, strategy, and financial management, project planning and management, building law, cost management, contract administration, cost planning, and implementation of IT in construction.

5.     Bachelor of Science (Psychological Science)

Human beings are a complex creation. However, their mind is an even more complex organ, which shapes their personality, thinking patterns, action, and ideology. Bachelor of Science in the psychological sciences course program helps the students to explore these aspects of personality.

You will get the opportunity of learning about perception, emotion, cognition, personality, interpersonal relationships, and behavior. You can acquire the service of education consultants in Islamabad and secure your admission to the program if you are interested in exploring human psychology.

Join the Curtin University Malaysia campus for a bright future!

Continuing higher education at the international level is often once in a lifetime opportunity. So, you should not ignore or let go of it. It will not only open the path of research-based higher education at the international level but also provide the opportunity of gaining international experience and kick-starting your career.

So, avail this opportunity and secure your admission to Curtin University Malaysia campus. If you are concerned about selecting the right course program top ranking universities in Malaysia, it is always better to consult the experts. Do not take any risk and connect with the professionals to secure your admission, while making the right course selection.

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