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The Garibaldi Bazaar


Aug 25, 2022
Garibaldi Bazaar

The Garibaldi Bazaar is a colorful, organized flea market, with Mexican flair. You’ll find anything and everything from wares to clothing and toys. A modest bar with TVs is located inside the indoor market. There are also plenty of restaurants, and it’s a great place to eat and drink. Despite its Mexican flair, the Garibaldi Bazaar is safe and well organized.

It is organized and diverse

The Garibaldi Bazaar is a large indoor flea market with over 180 vendors selling local, national and international merchandise. This family oriented flea market is open Wednesday through Sunday. It is free to enter and there are ample parking spaces. However, finding one during the busiest times can be tricky. The Garibaldi Bazaar is located on Buckner Blvd in East Dallas. It is a fun place to browse through the variety of merchandise and bargain.

It is a Mexican-style mercado/flea market

The Garibaldi Bazaar, located near I-30 and Buckner Avenue, is an excellent destination for a multicultural experience. You can purchase a wide variety of goods and eat authentic Mexican food at the market’s many stalls. It is recommended that you arrive early to get the best selection.

There are several markets in the city, including Mercado Escandon and Mercado del Angel. The Plaza del Angel hosts a large market on weekends, but there are also plenty of stalls open all week long. The Mercado de la Merced, located on the eastern edge of Centro Historico, is a large food market. It consists of several buildings and is open on Saturday and Sunday. While you’re there, you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, household goods, and Mexican food.

The Mercado del Sabato is another popular location in the city. While you’re in the area, you might want to stop at the SAN ANGEL INN for a delicious breakfast or lunch. You can also check out the Xochimilco canal system, the last surviving part of the Aztecs’ massive water transport system. You can also admire the colorful gondola-like boats floating down these canals. While touristy, this part of the city is fun and worth checking out.

After enjoying the Mexican-style mercado/ flea market, you can visit the nearby San Miguel Cathedral. This historical building is an important landmark in the city. It’s also home to the city’s main monument, the Monumento de la Revolucion.

If you don’t want to spend much money, you can purchase your favorite Mexican food from the Mercado de San Juan. You can also buy a variety of authentic local foods from stalls located near the Plaza Garibaldi. Mercado San Camilito also offers delicious soup/pozole/birria. You can also try hibiscus juice.

In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, you can also find a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes. Many mercados have a permanent restaurant for visitors to enjoy. The tianguis are also home to a variety of fruit vendors. These vendors typically offer free samples of anything that catches their eye. The mercado/flea market’s regulation of the goods sold is uneven, though, and it’s important to stay alert while visiting. You don’t want to purchase stolen goods or buy illegally-imported goods.

It is safe

The Garibaldi Bazaar is an indoor flea market with over 250 vendors selling a variety of goods. Everything from car parts to haircuts, insurance, and more can be found here for a great price. The atmosphere is Hispanic and there are special musical acts to entertain visitors.

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