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Top 8 Social Media Wall Tools For In-Person Events


Jul 22, 2022
social media wall tools

Hosting in-person events has become the new norm for brands to promote themselves. The prime motive is to make the brand reach more and more people, and in-person events lay the perfect platform for customer engagement. The social media wall tools is the spearhead that engages attendees like no other. 

Creating a social media wall asks for technical brilliance. However, many social media wall creation tools have come to the rescue of event marketers. But they face the challenge of selecting the tool that syncs with the idea of your social wall. 

We have your back, so take a back seat and gather all the information about the best social wall creation tools. But, first, let us understand what a social wall is.

Explanation: Social Media Wall Tools

A social wall is a unique representation of user-generated content on digital screens in real-time. The user-generated content is photos, videos, testimonials, reviews, etc., aggregated from multiple social and review platforms such as Instagram wall, Twitter wall, Pinterest, etc. 

Social Wall engages attendees at events that offer you a chance to bring your brand to their attention. A social wall is a goldmine for the number of benefits in customer engagement, social proof, brand advocacy, customer trust, high conversion rates, etc. 

8 Top Social Wall Tools

Let’s get a glimpse of the top 8 social wall tools that would assist you in creating your ideal social wall.

Taggbox Display

Taggbox display offers end-to-end solutions for creating and displaying social media walls across various offline channels. 

It helps you collect social content such as user-generated, branded, or influencer content from multiple social media and digital platforms and compile it into one place. In addition, you can personalize your social wall with professionally designed themes, layouts, styles, colors, and backgrounds, among other things.

Your social display wall can be effortlessly displayed on any digital display, from screens at live physical events to digital signs in stores and out of the home.


Onstipe is your one-stop shop for all things social media walls, Instagram walls, weddings, and Twitter walls. Onstipe can handle everything from preserving social media feeds to displaying them interactively during an event.

Onstipe collects publicly available social media content from various social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others, using hashtags and handles.

Onstipe allows you to display captivating social media feeds on large screens and follow your event hashtag in real-time.

Hootfeed By Hootsuite

Hootsuite is considered one of the most powerful web analytics and publishing platforms.

Hootsuite also includes a feature called Hootfeed that allows you to see tweets about your event in real-time. It’s ideal for Q&A sessions. Hootfeed enables you to gather audience questions in the form of tweets. 

You’re not only developing a community, but you’re also expanding the dialogue beyond your conference room by encouraging guests to submit questions via Twitter.


Postano’s collaboration with FISH Technologies is one to keep an eye on. Your participants can effortlessly navigate between parts of your event using wireless technologies and interactive stations, such as a smartphone app or wearable RFID technology. 

You also have the options of photo booths, video green screens, and other games using this platform to provide a unique experience for your attendees. 

Check out their Style Gallery and browse their vast assortment of social visualizations if you’re trying to enhance your event’s look further.


Crowdscreen, like Onstipe, Tint, and Walls.io, is a social wall platform that allows you to collect, regulate, and display social media information from Twitter and Instagram.

The only thing that sets Crowdscreen apart from other social wall platforms is that it allows you to create a private social wall for your events. Guests can share their ideas privately without sharing on social media platforms using their secure mobile private app.


Walls.io allows you to curate and display your favorite posts, photographs, and videos from over 15 social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Its moderation capabilities make it simple to avoid abuse and selectively display content. Meanwhile, the wall is styled to perfection using the configurable style editor.

It can be used as a stand-alone display at events or places, or it can be included as a widget on websites, mobile devices, or through the API.


Sprinklr offers marketing and management tools for enterprise social media walls, including social media marketing, social advertising, and content management. In addition, it’s the world’s first unified customer experience management platform for businesses, allowing the world’s most well-known companies to reach, interact, and listen to their customers.

Presenters Wall

Presenters Wall allows attendees to submit public questions for a speaker. You can manually moderate the feed or enable the audience to vote up or down on questions. As a result, the most frequently asked questions are always addressed first.

Up to you!

Through this guide that involves top social media wall tools, we have opened up options for social wall creation. Upon reading the USPs of all these tools, you must have an idea of which one suits your business style. So, select the one and get on with social wall creation for your next event.

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