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Roxanne Wolf – Glamrock Animatronic


Sep 5, 2022
Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne’s design and features are very different from the usual wolf designs. She has lost most of her legs, torso, and hair. She also has a large hole where the rest of her face should be, and she lacks eyes. Her fur is shattered, and her muzzle is crooked.

glamrock animatronic

Roxanne Wolf is a Glamrock Animatronic that is featured in the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game. This character is based on a wolf, and is designed to give the game’s players a 70’s vibe. She has amber eyes, and has the same facial features as Foxy and Mangle.

Roxanne’s outfit features a sexy red chest piece, metallic waist, and red shoulder pads above segmented arms. Her heels are made of a purple tiger-like material. She also holds a lime green keytar. Her eyes glow red at times. She appears to be egotistical. She refers to herself as the best Glamrock of all.

egotistical personality

The egotistical personality of Roxanne Wolf is evident in several aspects of her character. Although she is a strong woman, Roxanne is prone to trying to prove her point by outdoing others. Moreover, she has a crooked muzzle and a broken hair. However, beneath all of her strong personality, Roxanne is extremely vulnerable. As a result, she often cries in her room, and is quite competitive.

Roxanne is a self-centered person who is incredibly competitive and likes to taunt others. This can be seen in her behavior, as she constantly insults Gregory and calls herself a failure. She also bullies others because of their own insecurities.

Although there is no textbook definition of what makes a person egotistical, there are common traits that describe people with this personality type. Identifying and modifying these traits can help people develop healthier relationships, change their self-image, and ground themselves in reality.

Roxanne’s physical appearance is another aspect of her egotistical personality. As a result of her injury, she has a crooked muzzle and a large hole where her face should be. She is also partially deformed, and her eyes are missing. Her crooked appearance is a result of a severe attack by Gregory.

Roxanne Wolf has a glam rock aesthetic and plays a keytar. Her silver hair resembles whiskers and is trimmed in a green streak along the center. Her outfit includes a red crop top t-shirt with black star shapes and black shorts.

shattered design resembles Withered Bonnie’s

Shattered is an emo-themed character that resembles Roxanne Wolf, who is an animatronic wolf. This wolf has a punk rock design and features yellow eyes and gray fur. She also wears purple lipstick and green fingernail paint. She also has long, silver hair. Her clothing is patterned in a panel-like pattern across her chest, upper arms, and thighs.

Roxanne Wolf is one of the newest animatronics in the FNAF series. She makes her debut in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach and replaces Foxy. Roxanne Wolf’s appearance and personality make her an exciting character to play.

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