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Why is Pronunciation Vital to Get a Good Band score in IELTS Exam?


Jul 28, 2022
IELTS exam

You may speak English more accurately by paying close attention to your pronunciation. Are you one of the pupils that struggle with pronunciation? Despite your best efforts, you are unable to correctly interpret pronunciation. If so, don’t be alarmed. Continue reading this post because we’ll give you some incredibly useful advice on how to improve your pronunciation and get a high band score in the IELTS exam.

You must realise, nevertheless, that proper pronunciation and grammar are necessary for speaking English clearly. The examiner will review your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and other abilities while you practise for the IELTS speaking test, and you will be awarded a band score based on how well you do in relation to these criteria. Pronunciation is important for language examinations like the PTE, TOEFL, and others besides the IELTS. If you want to take the PTE test, be careful to practise pronunciation and other important skills before reserving a PTE exam dates.

Read this article to learn how to improve your pronunciation.

Pay attention as you hear and see

Paying close attention to what you hear and speaking more can help you pronounce words more clearly.
There are English news stations, podcasts, audio, and more that you may access. Just pay attention to how various English words are spoken by native speakers. To comprehend how their lips and mouth move as they say specific words, though, make sure you are paying close attention while they speak.

After that, you should try to enunciate the words you have just heard. You may first find it difficult to say the words properly, but if you practise them over and over again, you will eventually be able to do so. You may listen to a recording of your voice that you’ve made. When you hear your recorded voice, you can quickly identify any faults in your speech and make the necessary corrections. So, by improving your pronunciation, this technique will help you get a high IELTS band score.

lack of assurance

Do you know the reason why students make so many mistakes while speaking? Well, a lack of confidence is the cause of this. They could have wonderful ideas in their heads, but they lack the courage to articulate them to the examiner in a way that is understandable. They stumble about needlessly and can’t talk about the subject at hand.

Therefore, if you are one of these pupils, you must put in a lot of effort to increase your self-assurance. The secret to doing well on any test, as you can see, is confidence. And the IELTS test is no different. You should thus ensure that you have adequate self-confidence before starting your preparations so that you may pass this test with ease. Before your final test, try to speak as much English as you can to boost your confidence. No matter how terrible your first sound, simply keep practising. After some practice, you will be able to talk clearly while utilising the right grammar and pronunciation.

Internet use

You may effectively prepare for your IELTS exam using the internet. You may get excellent guidance on the internet for comprehending complex ideas. Therefore, if you have trouble pronouncing a word correctly, all you have to do is put it into a search engine to hear how it is spoken. You may also use YouTube to learn how to pronounce certain words. The internet contains some excellent, cost-free resource material. So, if you want to do well on the IELTS, utilise that. You have to collect the appropriate study material three months prior to enrolling yourself for the IELTS exam date. So that, you can get adequate time to prepare for the IELTS exam with a calm mind. 

Speak to yourself in the mirror

Speaking and practising in front of a mirror is a fantastic way to check your pronunciation. In front of a mirror, try speaking challenging phrases, sentences, etc. and watch to see whether you can pronounce them properly. You must now pay attention to how your lips and mouth move if you want to perfect your pronunciation. As you enunciate specific words, pay attention to how your tongue and lips move. You must listen to how words are spoken by native speakers. Therefore, you must attempt to examine the contrasts between your motions and those of the native speakers. Once you can do that, you may quickly rectify your errors and greatly enhance your pronunciation.

Finishing it off

Therefore, being able to pronounce words properly can greatly aid you in receiving a high band score. Before taking the test, you must be careful to practise your pronunciation thoroughly. If you have trouble pronouncing words properly, read the article above and pay close attention to the advice. You will learn all the necessary material and improve your IELTS test score as a result.

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