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Products for which you can use the holographic box packaging!


Jul 20, 2022
Hologram box packaging

If you are a business and are thinking of investing in holographic box packaging, you have come to the right place! Since holographic boxes are shiny and glittery. They cannot be used in every industry and for every product. So, as a business owner, you need to know which products you should invest in these boxes. And that is exactly what this whole article is going to be about. Keep on reading and let’s just dive straight into it!

Holographic packaging with the help of shopping bags:

With time, holographic packaging is becoming quite common in shopping bags. Customers want anything and everything that gives them a premium feels hence the use of holographic material for these bags. You might have noticed that in the market, almost all brands have similar bags. Just their logo or tagline might be different due to which they can be distinguished from one other another. Otherwise there is not that much of a difference. 

If a brand really wishes that the buyers can identify the brand just by its shopping bag. Getting it made out of holographic material will be the best option they got!

2. Cosmetic industries also use holographic box packaging:

Large brands use holographic materials for the packaging of products. These brands also manufacture reusable hologram bags using these holographic printing processes to package cosmetics.

These personalised holographic boxes can be printed with your company logo and other helpful graphic elements. Such type of packaging is designed to draw in more customers and raise brand awareness. Colours used in holography range from bright purple to deep yellow. When it comes to printing, the packaging pattern on the box can also change in colour. However, to pack branded clothing and other practical cosmetic things, well-established and known brand owners primarily used glittery hologram bags.

3. Holographic packaging is all the rage in the apparel industry:

You might know about holographic fashion which started in 2013 and was in trend till 2018. It recently became again in trend in 2022l. However. The important point that is to be focused upon is that the trend had immense impact on the packaging as well. Since, it did so good in clothes, brands thought since people are liking it so much, why not incorporate it into their packaging.

Though, the holographic box packaging did not only remain specific to the apparel industry but also made its mark in accessories, shoes, and nails. High-end and luxury brands like chanel made high reputation amongst the youngsters due to their holographic shoulder bags and holographic nails. Not only the product, but the packaging itself was made up of holographic material. So holographic packaging soon started to conquer the world. 

4. Holographic packaging boxes for Jewellery:

If you’re a jewellery business, investing in holographic box packaging is the right choice for you. That is because these boxes are often used as marriage proposal or gift boxes and customers actually spend money on these. Having holographic boxes for the jewellery will not only give quick boost to your sales but will also be a good marketing strategy. It is an great investment that you as a business should make as they technically are an all rounder. The colorful, glittery packaging will be used for any and every occasion. 

Also, you can give customers the option of customizing these boxes according to the occasion or just if they want to give more of a personal touch to it! 

5. Hologram packaging for the bakery items:

It might sound a bit weird. But yes hologram packaging boxes are also used for packing the bakery items. Just imagine. On a gloomy monday, you buy a croissants that are packed in holographic packaging boxes. Would’nt it just make your day? Not only this, but customized cakes packed in such material also look very good or should I say Instragamable. We are living in a time where people post literally everything on social media so if you give them aesthetic packaging, they will post that too. Or if you don’t to go for packaging, you can go for label stocks, they are also a type of packaging but won’t be that blingy. But will still be helpful in attracting the consumers and affecting their purchasing decision.

Hopefully, these list of items might give you a clear idea as to why incorporating holographic box packaging into your business is a good idea. And for which products these packaging is actually going to be beneficial because in the end all that matters, is sales. And for that you have got to do what attracts your customers. Also, if this is your first time buying these boxed and you have no idea from where you should, Packaging Globe is the right option. You will get free design and support with a quick turnaround time. 

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