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Pinoy Scandal – The Evangeline Pinay, Pinoy Scam


Sep 5, 2022
Pinoy Scandal

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most sex abuse scandals. Foreign men often pose as family members to convince Filipino women to have sex with them. While this isn’t the “mother of pinay scandals”, it is a major one. The best way to protect yourself is to report any complaints about sex abuse.


The Evangeline Pinay, Pinoy scandal involves a child sex abuser who repeatedly sexually abused children on the internet for money. Among the victims were girls and boys as young as six, eight, and ten years of age. The child sex abusers used internet-connected cellphones to watch their victims and make money.

Evangeline Pascual was a beauty queen and former radio anchor. She was 16 years old when she was chosen to be the 8th Philippine representative in the 1973 Miss World pageant. She finished as the first runner-up. However, her career stalled after she was convicted of a drug offense. Evangeline was then beaten by Marjorie Wallace, who won the title.


The word ‘Say’ has received a negative reputation over the years as a pejorative term. It is also often used to denigrate people. In recent years, the word has been used to describe Filipino immigrants in the United States and in some Filipino-language television programs. The term was also used in a popular Southern California Filipino fast-food restaurant, Pinoy Pinay. Another usage of the word is in the popular television show Pinoy Big Brother, the Philippines’ version of American Idol. In this case, ‘Say’ is used to refer to either a man or a woman.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. died in 1989. His widow, Imelda, and son, Bongbong, became estate administrators. The estate owed the government 23 billion pesos, or $445 million. The tax bill was not paid for almost two decades and was eventually uncovered by the Philippine Supreme Court. The taxes and penalties would have ballooned to $3.9 billion if not for the Marcoses’ failure to pay up.

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