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Brooklyn Shooting Answers


Aug 10, 2022
brooklyn shooting

Several questions remain unanswered about the Brooklyn shooting: Who is the shooter, what were the victims’ circumstances? What was the Suspect’s criminal history? What weapons were recovered? These are all questions that have lingering consequences for the families of those who were murdered. Here are some of the answers that we know now. Then, read on to learn what the next step is. The police investigation continues today.

Frank James

In Brooklyn Shooting, police have uncovered evidence linking the suspect, Frank James, to the attack. James is known to the FBI and had previously pleaded guilty to attempted petit larceny. He was also known to the FBI’s Guardian Program, which tracks suspects and threats of terrorism. A key piece of evidence from his case is a handgun, which was found at the scene. This evidence provides some clues as to the motive behind James’ attack.

While the motive for this horrific crime remains unclear, James had an extensive criminal record. His criminal record includes nine prior arrests from 1992 to 1998, ranging from trespassing to possession of burglary tools. He was also arrested three times in New Jersey, in 1991, 1992, and 2007. His records do not include any felony convictions, but he did possess weapons and a gun. However, these records do not indicate that the FBI has ever interviewed James.

In addition to his criminal history, James has made several videos on YouTube, where he rants about terrorism, violence, and mental illness. He also has a YouTube channel that discusses the victims of mass shootings. James was reportedly arrested in Manhattan’s East Village the day after the incident, and is currently being held without bail. Police have not yet released a motive for the shooting, but they have stated that if they were proven true, James may face terrorism charges.

In addition to ranting about violence against certain individuals, James also shared videos that discuss mass shootings and race issues. In his videos, James talks about a “violent” person he supposedly met in jail, and how he identified with that person. His videos also mention New York City’s Mayor and his plan to increase the number of mental health professionals in the city. If James is convicted, he could face life in prison, so the authorities need to make sure the city’s subway system is protected.

Suspect’s criminal history

The man suspected in a recent Brooklyn subway train shooting has a long criminal past. He has spoken in YouTube videos about mass shootings and violence. On Monday, police arrested Frank James, a man with a history of violent behavior. Police say James is the suspect in a shooting that left 10 people with gunshot wounds and 19 others injured. Police say none of the victims were seriously injured. A full criminal history of James can be found on his website.

James had nine prior arrests from 1992 to 1998. They included criminal sex acts, theft of service and possession of burglary tools. But despite those convictions, he didn’t have a history of violent behavior that would have barred him from purchasing a gun. In addition, his criminal record also included three arrests in New Jersey, including one for trespass and two for disorderly conduct.

James’s sister, Catherine James Robinson, has had little contact with her brother in recent years. She contacted his home phone but received no reply. She said she had last spoken to her brother about three years ago. Her brother lived in Milwaukee and Philadelphia and was a loner. But when she saw the alleged shooter’s criminal history, she was shocked to learn that he was the suspect in the deadly subway attack.

Police said James rented a U-Haul van in Philadelphia just a few days before the attack. Investigators have uncovered a string of other items James left behind on the subway train, including a Glock 9 millimeter handgun, three ammunition magazines, and a hatchet. The police are still trying to determine whether James was in the city when he opened the van and fired off shots.

Weapons recovered

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul spoke about the Brooklyn shooting on Monday. At least eight people were killed, with more injured. The victims were traveling on a subway car headed from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the N train, which was making express stops. The subway car was packed with passengers and a suspect wore a gas mask. Police recovered two handguns and several other weapons from the scene. The suspect fled.

Police in New York have identified a person of interest in a shooting that occurred in a subway car in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Police recovered weapons at the scene, including firearms, ammunition, a hatchet, gasoline, and keys to a U-Haul van. Police traced the van’s owner to a man named Frank R. James, who apparently rented the vehicle in Philadelphia before the attack. Investigators are now trying to locate the suspect and determine whether he is related to the shooting.

The gunman reportedly fired 33 times with a 9mm Glock handgun found by police in a subway car. Police also recovered undetonated smoke grenades, a hatchet, gasoline, fireworks, and keys to a U-Haul van that James rented in Philadelphia hours before the attack. James’ van was found in the subway car just two blocks from the N-train station, suggesting that the gunman was planning to use it to commit his crime.

Investigators recovered the suspect’s Glock semiautomatic handgun and two extended magazines from the crime scene. The suspect was wearing a gas mask and green construction vest as he conducted the attack. Authorities say the suspect had intended to shoot more people before jamming the gun. Several of his victims were hospitalized, but they have not yet been identified. Fingerprints were found near the gun, and he is still at large.


Police are still trying to find out the motive behind the brutal attack on a subway car in Brooklyn. The attacker is believed to have posted dozens of YouTube videos ranting about mental illness, race, and violence. The shooter appears to have been alone inside the subway car as he points out each passenger, one by one. While the motive behind the attack is not yet clear, investigators have learned that the suspect has a history of mental illness and erratic work hours. Police have also discovered a storage locker filled with extra ammunition.

The suspect is a 5-foot-5 Black man wearing a gas mask and reflective vest. He was caught by police after putting on a mask and loading the weapon into a bag. The suspect then fired 33 shots before running across the platform and boarded a nearby R train. Many of the victims escaped by taking the R train. The gunman evaded the authorities for nearly a day. In addition to the bullets and smoke, authorities also recovered consumer fireworks, gasoline, and two unused smoke grenades.

The shooter’s motive for shooting the people inside the subway is unclear. However, his motive may have been triggered by a personal grudge toward a particular subway line. The subway car that he targeted was operated by the owner of the fruit market. It was under police lockdown and had a malfunctioning security camera server. The shooter is believed to be a Muslim. A gunman may be the sole suspect.

The motive behind the Brooklyn subway train attack is unclear. The gunman reportedly rented a van that police believe may have been linked to previous acts of violence. The motive for the attack is unknown, but disturbing videos on YouTube have been released. The gunman, wearing a gas mask, fired 33 shots at the people inside the subway. As many passengers fled the train station, witnesses were able to provide first aid to those wounded by the gunman.

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