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Jack Posobiec – The Man Behind the Jack Posobiec Show on Twitter


Sep 5, 2022
Jack Posobiec

Jack Posobiec is a political commentator who has a rather peculiar Twitter persona. After all, his political show is called “The Jack Posobiec Show.” He has a history of anti-Semitic tweets and has a security clearance to boot. The question is, should we believe him or not? Let’s take a closer look. In this piece, we’ll examine his tweets and political hostship.

jack posobiec

Jack Posobiec, a former navy intelligence officer and white nationalist, has a large following on Twitter. He once worked as the Washington bureau chief for Rebel Media, a conservative media outlet with more subscribers on YouTube than the Associated Press or Washington Post. After his resignation from the Navy in March, Posobiec joined a political advocacy group in Canada called Rebel Media. He has since left the organization. Posobiec has been using his social media accounts to spread conspiracy theories, including the rumor that former DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered.

While Posobiec has yet to address the accusations against him, he has been involved in other controversial situations. He was banned from the social media site Bumble in 2018 and has not returned since then. Hatewatch has reviewed his Twitter history and found numerous instances in which he shared controversial content.

In 2017, Posobiec used his Twitter account to promote alt-right causes. He claimed on Twitter that antifa was planning to attack churches, which was untrue. This prompted a backlash, and he was subsequently accused of spreading erroneous information. The erroneous story was quickly debunked by reporters. In December 2017, Posobiec also planted an unfounded story about a train derailing near Tacoma, Washington.

jack posobiec’s political host

Jack Posobiec’s political host on Twitter has been under fire for spreading false information about the U.S. government and Russian influence. Initially, Posobiec claimed there were no Russian connections to the #DNCLeaks hack, and then falsely pinned the blame on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. Hatewatch, an initiative of the SPLC, first learned about Posobiec through OSINT. He started using his own face on Twitter on Aug. 29, 2016, and then immersed himself in a series of online stunts, including repeated amplification of the #Pizzagate lie.

Posobiec’s father, John Michael Posobiec, was a psych nurse and his mother, Lorraine, a reproductive toxologist for GlaxoSmithKline, worked on the malaria vaccine. During high school, Posobiec volunteered at a deli in Norristown, Pennsylvania. As a kid, he wanted to join a rock band and saw David Bowie four times.

Since the start of the presidential campaign, Posobiec has been promoting disinformation. In 2016, he promoted the “Rape Melania” disinformation campaign, in which he held up a sign that read “Rape Melania.” The sign was supposed to represent anti-Trump protesters. Although Posobiec has repeatedly denied Buzzfeed’s reporting, his actions have served to elevate anti-Trump protesters.

jack posobiec’s antisemitic tweets

Posobiec has spent years associating with far-right extremists, harassing Jewish journalists and issuing racist attacks. He spent time with white nationalist Richard Spencer at the 2016 Republican National Convention and participated in a march staged by the Polish pro-Nazi movement. He has also stoked the flames of antisemitism on Twitter.

Posobiec has maintained a presence in right-wing circles, appearing on Steve Bannon’s podcast and maintaining more than 1.5 million Twitter followers. He has a history of promoting disinformation campaigns, and has also targeted Jewish journalists with his antisemitic tweets.

Posobiec’s tweets have sparked outrage across the political spectrum. Among the targets of his antisemitic attacks are Ashley St. Clair, a former college student and one-time intern for Starboard Group. Turning Point USA fired her as a brand ambassador in 2019 after she shared photos of herself with white nationalists. Turning Point USA, however, is not so concerned with Posobiec as it is with another one of its operatives.

Despite the fact that his tweets were deleted, Twitter did not respond to Hatewatch’s request for comment. The company’s response is a clear indication that Twitter does not understand what Posobiec has been doing with their platform. Posobiec, who served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy, used his position to spread disinformation for political purposes. His security clearance was temporarily suspended in February after concerns were raised over his tweets.

jack posobiec’s security clearance

After gaining fame as an internet activist and a controversial blogger, Posobiec is now facing the threat of losing his security clearance. During his tenure on the internet, Posobiec has been accused of inciting harassment and intimidation of a woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. Moore is a far-right politician who lost the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones after being accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women. One of the allegations is that he slept with a 14-year-old girl. Posobiec flooded the Internet with the woman’s name and a photo of the woman in an attempt to sway public opinion.

In March, Posobiec quit his civilian job at the Office of Naval Intelligence. He claimed that his chain of command treated him unfairly because of his political beliefs. Though he never advocated for Trump in the office, he did use his social media accounts to promote conspiracy theories and rumors about Trump’s administration. He also used his account on Twitter to spread false theories and a rumor that former DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered.

After being fired from Rebel Media, Posobiec has distanced himself from white supremacist groups and has sought temporary press credentials at the White House. In addition to his media work, Posobiec serves as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy Reserve. However, his security clearance was revoked for tweeting classified information.

jack posobiec’s involvement in Citizens for Trump

Jack Posobiec has become a controversial figure on the far right. He cultivated a six-figure social media following while preaching the gospel of #MAGA and critiquing liberals. His associates include the date-rape denier Mike Cernovich, the white genocide alarmist Milo Yiannopoulos, and disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn Jr. In 2016, he was involved in the campaign for Trump and his tweets began to reflect this.

Posobiec is associated with a worldwide network of far-right figures. He helped organize a “Deploraball” during Trump’s inauguration and signed on to the Rebel news network in April. In May, he was granted press access to the White House, which is typically denied to conservative organizations. During the press access, he repeatedly questioned a cabinet secretary about Seth Rich.

Posobiec is a former student at Temple University, where he headed the college Republicans. However, Temple University did not respond to SPLC’s inquiries regarding his involvement in Citizens for Trump.

jack posobiec’s past as a journalist

Jack Posobiec has a complicated past, and his past as a journalist is certainly far from pristine. He’s been a reporter for Rebel Media, a Canadian hard-right news outlet that has more YouTube subscribers than the Associated Press or Washington Post. In 2017, however, he was fired from Rebel Media after he was accused of plagiarism by alt-right journalist Jason Kessler, who was behind the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

Posobiec rose to prominence in the 2016 presidential campaign as a special projects director for Citizens for Trump, a grassroots organization linked to the Tea Party. He also wrote a self-published memoir about his experience with the campaign, and he was a chief architect of DeploraBall, the shadow inaugural of Trump’s online troll army.

In the months after the 2016 election, Posobiec’s Twitter account garnered more than a million followers. He promoted the Russian-backed #MacronLeaks hack, which favored anti-immigrant Marine LePen. By September 2020, he had surpassed a million followers and was promoting the anti-immigrant hashtag #StoptheSteal. The hashtag later evolved into a broader attack on the U.S. Capitol.

jack posobiec’s reputation as a troll

As the special projects director of Citizens for Trump, Jack Posobiec helped build the online troll army for the embattled president. His work with the organization included spreading fake stories and conspiracy theories, calling the news outlets and FBI conclusions fake. His social media accounts also attracted thousands of followers and eventually surpassed a million.

Posobiec also cultivated a false idea about the color revolution in the United States, a movement that seeks to overthrow government by protesting against the racist policies of the White House. He also fabricated stories about “color revolution” protesters planting bombs in Washington, D.C., and even promoted an article that was withdrawn.

Then he moved to the White House, where he became a cover boy for the white nationalist movement. As his reputation has grown, he’s now writing for Teen Vogue and attempting to become a global purveyor of right-wing paranoia.

In fall 2016, Posobiec began branching out as a public figure, doing interviews for Infowars and livestreaming with convicted white nationalist Timothy Gionet, who is accused of plotting an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. Posobiec also wore a pro-Trump “Lion Guard” pin, a symbol often used by white supremacists. Moreover, his comments were full of the numbers that white supremacy uses.

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