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Is Rafe Cameron a Psychopath on “The Walking Dead”?


Aug 16, 2022

The new season of “The Walking Dead” has been full of intrigue and drama, but many fans are wondering if the psychopath is really Rafe Cameron. While he may have a paranoid personality and vulnerable narcissistic tendencies, his behavior suggests a deeper problem. Rafe may have severe attachment issues, mental health problems, or a drug problem. Regardless of the true causes of his behavior, Rafe needs time to heal before season 3 begins.


When you’re in high school, you may find yourself in the same situation as Rafe Cameron, but what exactly makes him stand out from the crowd? It’s hard to say, but Rafe’s brown eyes, his hat, and his striped shirt were all that were needed to catch the attention of girls. In fact, Rafe has been making waves since the day he came to OBX, and the attention has only grown since then.

Topper’s friendship with Rafe Cameron began when he was a young boy. The two were friends and shared many common interests. However, as Topper’s friend, Rafe turned darker and more murderous over time. He was also a part of the war between the Kooks and the Pogues, and Topper realized that Rafe had become a monster. Despite being a close friend of Rafe Cameron, Topper broke away from Rafe after his incident with Pope.

Despite their age difference, Rafe and Topper were best friends. In fact, they were childhood best friends and became the best of buddies when high school started. Kelce danced with a girl at homecoming and Rafe beat up a guy at a party. Topper even held a girl’s hair when she was sick. However, Rafe’s best friend was always a girl’s best friend.


You have probably heard the names Rafe Cameron and Kelce Smith, but you’re not sure exactly what these guys are like. The guys have been friends since their freshman year at UNC. They’ve been jokingly called “douchey frat boy lax guys,” which is definitely an understatement. But that didn’t stop Riviera Thornton from calling them “best friends.” And, she wasn’t wrong. In fact, she considered Rafe Cameron and Kelce Smith her closest friends. But the two lax players were more than just friends. During a game, Rafe and Kelce held hands on the field with Riviera to keep her arms down. “Why the fuck do you encourage your boy to start shitting?”

After the match, Topper was watching you. His eyes seemed to be devoted to you. He never spoke to you without Kelce or Rafe. He didn’t comment on your tears or your appearance. Yet, he was the first person to ask if you were okay. Rafe and Kelce were not afraid to introduce each other to their friends. Then, Topper stepped in and saved the day.

Rafe and Kelce knew each other. In fact, Rafe knew Kelce better than Kelce did. And, he wanted to be there for Courtney when she needed him. Rafe tapped lightly on her door and waited for her to answer. She asked him if she was okay, and he responded by saying that she wasn’t. Rafe then proceeded to untangle her hair.

Topper’s relationship with rafe cameron

During the episode “Y/L/N,” Rafe Cameron appears next to Topper. He looks up and down. Rafe says, “Where’s my sister?” and then looks at Topper. Rafe is influenced by Topper, but she does not like him. Rafe is a bit unkind, but Topper still considers Rafe to be a good friend.

The episode begins with Rafe confronting Topper. He says that Topper reminds him of his dead girlfriend. Topper then grabs his collar and yells, “Tell me the truth!” Rafe starts to laugh angrily, but decides to use words instead of physical violence. Rafe tries to make Topper feel bad for her actions, but Topper refuses to believe it.

After the episode ends, Topper tries to get Sarah back by asking her if she is still in love with John B. When Sarah comes back, he tries to stop her from doing that, but she ignores him. Instead, she runs into Rafe, who calmly tells her, “Sarah’s party sucks!”

Rafe was a troubled teen, and had a difficult time coping with romantic relationships. He stiffened up when Topper came over. He didn’t feel comfortable talking to people, so he asked Topper if he was waiting. Rafe didn’t know what to say to Topper, and he was trying to avoid any kind of confrontation. Rafe is more than just a friend. Rafe changed Topper’s relationship.

Rafe’s relationship with Sarah

The first signs of trouble in Rafe Cameron’s relationship with his daughter Sarah started when he stopped paying attention to Sarah’s schoolwork. He began to make friends and went to more parties. Sarah began to miss Rafe, especially in the afternoons. Rafe stopped helping her with her homework or watching movies with her. She had friends who took care of her, and Rafe only seemed to come home from school on family vacations.

Although Rafe loved his little sister, his relationship with Sarah was fraught with tension. She had no time to socialize and Rafe never acknowledged her love for her. Their relationship with the Pogues and the Ward family was suspicious and strained. Rafe also refused to tell Sarah that he loved her. Sarah’s love for her little brother grew into a resentment toward him.

In addition to being distant and aloof, Rafe was often seen interrupting dates. Sarah, on the other hand, felt like she had to hide from him. While Rafe’s friends took Sarah seriously, he found her arguments hilarious. As Sarah grew older, he remained distant from her friends. But after a while, Rafe became jealous and Sarah started to feel resentment towards Topper.

Rafe’s relationship with his sister

As the story unfolded, we learn about the strained relationship between Rafe Cameron and his sister, Sarah. Though Rafe loved his little sister, he never acknowledged her love or acknowledged her affection. Sarah and Wheezie suspected Rafe of being unfaithful, but she remained his best friend. Their relationship was complicated, and it grew more complicated as time went on.

When Sarah started school, Rafe and Sarah attended the same school. This meant that they spent most of their free time together at lunch and recess. However, as Sarah grew older, Rafe didn’t care so much about her. His concern for Sarah dwindled as she became independent and made friends. Eventually, Sarah became a popular student and Rafe felt that he had no time for her.

At the end of the school year, the family throws a huge party in honor of his birthday and Ward’s anniversary. Rafe invites a number of kooks to celebrate his birthday, but he can’t let her know about the party. The blonde waiter grunted when he placed the mineral bottle on the table. Rafe is crushed. But the party will go on.

As a brother to his sister, Rafe fears that he will love too hard and regret it too soon. As a result, he loves until he feels dizzy. Though he has been dating Y/N for a month, his sister was already much older than him. The fear of falling in love quickly makes Rafe feel nauseous. However, the feeling is mutual, and he is sure that the relationship will last.

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