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How to Prevent VR Sickness for a Better Experience?


Jul 21, 2022
Prevent VR Sickness

Prevent VR Sickness: VR experiences are always thrilling and jaw-dropping, but there could be several conditions that will make you not go for such an experience ever again. One of the conditions people face while wearing a VR headset is VR motion sickness. It is a condition in which a person feels dizziness, nausea, and sometimes faints.

These conditions are sometimes gender-specific, and women and kids are more likely to suffer than men. But in certain situations, everyone becomes the victim even if they do not face these kinds of issues in their life. The type of VR tool used and the activities you participate in have a lot to do with this health condition, and you must opt for preventive methods for a better experience.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the tips and methods to prevent VR motion sickness at VR-themed parks.

Top 6 Ways to Prevent VR Motion Sickness at VR Parks

It becomes highly difficult to enjoy or even wear a VR headset when you feel like throwing up or nauseous. There could be several reasons for these conditions, and one must look into these to make sure they are not wasting their money on something that makes them feel sick.

Below are a few ways you can minimize the VR motion sickness for a better and more memorable experience.

1.      The choice of games

One of the biggest reasons you feel sick soon after putting on a VR headset is the choice of games you wish to play. If the games you have chosen require too many body movements and demand you to move frequently, then you will most probably feel sick. This is why it is important to pay much attention to the choice of games to prevent nausea and other such issues. For an amazing VR experience and a great choice of games and rides, people buy the VR Park Dubai tickets and limit VR motion sickness issues to a great level.

2.      Stay in practice

If the quality of the VR headset is not good and you are trying it for the first time ever in your life, then you will feel sick. It is crucial for one to stay in practice to minimize VR sickness. If staying in practice is not one of the choices, you must try and test the headset for a few minutes to make sure you are comfortable with the tool.

3.      Use darkened VR frames

Using darkened frames at the edges will reduce the stress and strain on your mind and eyes while playing games. These darkened frames are highly crucial in games that are fast-moving and require a lot of motions. These fast motions put a lot of stress on your mind and eyes, causing motion sickness. Many VR games that are developed today mostly use dimmer lights to make sure they do not affect your eyes or put stress on them.

4.      Minimize the conflicting signals

Your eyes receive signals through the virtual headset, and these signals are then sent to your brain to make any movement. But when there are contradictions in the signals sent to the brain, the chances of feeling nausea and dizziness are higher. These contradictions are higher in the tools that are low-quality or outdated. The conflicting signals will be comparatively less or equal to zero with good quality tools.

5.      Check your health conditions

In some of the cases, there is a possibility that there is no wrong with the choice of games and rides and also with the quality of the headset, but you still feel VR sickness. This sickness is because you are not feeling well in the first place. If you are not in good health, then it is better not to try any VR headset. Make sure you are doing completely ok for a better VR experience with no VR sickness.

6.      The quality of VR tools

One of the major reasons there is a conflict in the signals sent to the brain is because of the type of VR headset used. If the ratio of conflicting signals is higher, you will most probably feel sick and may not be able to wear the headset anymore. This is why you need to ensure that the VR tool you use for playing any game or enjoying the ride is of great quality. You can also buy the VR Park Dubai tickets that use the best and latest VR tools to provide people with a great experience, ensuring they enjoy every bit of it.

Get the best VR experience at VR parks!

If you want to have the best VR experiences, then you must visit VR parks that have the best services to offer. You must avoid making visits to the themed VR parks that have outdated technology with poor quality tools to avoid VR sickness. So, make sure to buy the tickets to the best VR Park for a safe and memorable experience.

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