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how old is sora in kh3


Aug 23, 2022

sora in kh3, we learn how old Sora is, and also learn about his life as a young man. A grown-up Sora may also realize the differences between different people, and may even come to terms with them. He may even find peace with these differences as he begins to experience life on his own. In this article, we’ll go over the differences between Riku, Kairi, Xehanort, Yen Sid, and Sora.


Kingdom Hearts III: Dream Drop Distance features the returning main character, Riku, as a child. At the time of the game, Riku was only five years old. However, he was fifteen years old in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The series’ second installment, Kingdom Hearts II, also features Riku as an adult. Riku has grown into a powerful keyblade wielder as he journeys through the Underworld with Sora and Kairi.

The character first appears in the game wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with blue heming and red cargo shorts with maroon pockets. In addition, he has orange sandals on his feet. His hair is cut short and laid flat on top, and his eyes are red. At this time, he is four years old. Riku is a year older than Sora, and he is the only child that has the ability to use a Keyblade.

During the game, Riku’s body is still in the Realm of Light, but his heart has already been stolen by the dark forces. This is because Riku’s body was never a Nobody, but his heart has never given in to the Darkness. However, Riku’s heart is a heartless beast during the first battle with Ansem. Riku is the protagonist of this new chapter and has the opportunity to learn and grow from his experiences.

During the time between BBS and KH3, Riku and Sora are both in the Realm of Darkness. During the eleven or so years between BBS and Kh3, SORA and AQUA spent around eleven or twelve years in the Realm of Darkness. Therefore, time does not exist in the Realm of Darkness. Therefore, SORA and Riku’s age are not the same.


Kingdom Hearts 3 is the third installment of the series. The game is set on the Destiny Islands and the final scene is set in the world of Kingdom Hearts 3. In the game, Sora is missing, while the rest of the team is enjoying themselves. While Sora was rescuing Kairi, he lost himself in the process. Afterward, Riku becomes envious and wishes to be a hero just like Sora.

In the final chapter, Sora encounters Kairi’s body on the Destiny Islands. She is locked up with Wendy. Riku is defensive when he sees her, and tells Sora that she is only a shadow. However, as Sora starts to remember Kairi, her image shows up on the Destiny Islands. Namine tells him that if he remembers her, his memories will come back faster than before.

Sora’s age is also confirmed. In Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories, Sora is 14 years old. He also has three hearts – Roxas, Ventus, and Sora. Sora and Kairi are very affectionate, and both of them want to protect Kairi. However, they fight to save Kairi, who is the game’s main character.

In Kingdom Hearts, Kairi is the youngest of the Seven Princesses of the Heart. Her heart is in Sora, and the game follows the story of Kairi’s heart’s journey back to her. In the game, Kairi and Sora’s relationship is complicated because of Sora’s hostility towards Riku. In the end, Kairi saves Sora by restoring Sora’s human form.


Xehanort is the original form of Ansem and Xemnas. It is a nefarious villain that uses the Thirteen Hearts of Darkness to manipulate the worlds. In the first game, Xehanort was created within the Dark Figure, which translates to “The One Behind”. In this game, Xehanort is a nefarious thief who steals the identity of his mentor and uses it to manipulate his followers. Throughout the game, he is constantly being attacked by hooded figures and is constantly battling with Xehanort.

Xehanort is the main antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga, the first phase of the Kingdom Hearts series. He was originally known as the Heartless Ansem and was later transformed into a human being, who is the main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts III. The final game in the series, Kingdom Hearts III: Birth by Sleep, reveals that Xehanort was once a human, and his journey to become the Seeker of Darkness is a storyline that is sure to please fans.

Xehanort is the Keyblade Master who orchestrates events in Kingdom Hearts III. He is a very old Keyblade Master, but he has found a way to implant his heart into other bodies. His obsession with the Keyblade War prompted him to create a world without imbalance. As a result, Xehanort has created many characters in the game that are tragic in some way.

Unlike in the first game, Sora isn’t a big adult and neither is he a child. However, he has an innocent and childlike nature and can be a mentor for other characters. The game’s characters have a tendency to teach each other and develop a sense of empathy. Sora may also be a mentor for the other characters, such as Organization 13 and Xehanort.

Yen Sid

Yen Sid is a teacher of the Dream Eaters and is a great mentor to Sora. He helps Sora develop his skills while keeping an eye on his students, but also steps in if things get out of control. His magic is useful, and is more than just fun party tricks. Instead, it’s a teaching tool, as it allows him to help others.

Like Sora, Yen Sid wears a dark blue robe and crescent moon hat, and he is extremely hard working. When he’s working, he’s serious. Throughout the story, Yen Sid has a hard-working attitude and is a role model for any new hero. The character has a number of appearances outside of the video games. In addition to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, he has appeared in Disney’s House of Mouse cartoon. Though he’s not a speaking character, Yen Sid is an intriguing character.

The main difference between Sora and Yen Sid is the way in which magic is used. Yen Sid uses his magic to protect Sora from the Heartless. But unlike Sora, he uses his magic sparingly. He’s very effective when he’s fighting the Heartless. This makes him a great choice for a teammate in Kingdom Hearts 3.

While Mickey and Riku refer to him as Master Yen Sid, he’s also known as Yen. In the Japanese versions of the game, Yen Sid refers to Sora as Yen. In addition to being a tutor, Yen Sid can perform magic spells comparable to those used by Merlin. He’s also adept at creating illusions. He’s also very knowledgeable about the conditions of the world.


Luxu has reincarnated many times throughout time, but his true purpose lies in the Keyblade War. Luxu is now about to be usurped by Xigbar, who has a much bigger plan for the Kingdom of Light. However, this may not be the end of Luxu. He still has more to reveal, but we’ll discuss that later.

As a reward for his services, the Master of Masters has made Sora’s heart his own. After a long struggle, he finally achieves this goal and gives his heart to Sora. He then leaves to recruit Vexen and continues his mission. In this way, he is able to fulfill his destiny, but he is destined to die.

Xigbar taunts Sora, comparing his gaze to Ventus’s. He also assures the Organization of Sora’s pure heart, as it is the keyblade that gives him strength. Moreover, Xigbar mocks Sora’s knowledge of Roxas, calling him lazy and unprepared. Therefore, it is possible that Xigbar’s goal is to exhaust Sora.

Xigbar is one of the Organization’s top leaders, but he is not given much authority. Instead, he is sent on missions against Sora, while maintaining his position as a leader in the Organization. His knowledge of Xehanort allows him to pass important information to his enemies. However, he seems to use his intelligence and instinct to survive in the Organization. As a result, he is extremely unpredictable in battle.

how old is sora in kh3

Roxas was likely referring to DiZ choosing Sora to defeat Organisation XIII. Xigbar is how old is Sora in Kh3

how old is sora in kh3 how old is sora in kh3

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