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Gilleran Energy Management


Nov 15, 2022
Gilleran Energy Management

Gilleran Energy Management is a full-service energy project management company. The company’s mission is to support the design and construction team in achieving sustainability goals. The company’s staff of energy project managers is knowledgeable about the latest technologies and energy-saving strategies. They have extensive experience in commercial and residential energy management projects. The team can make recommendations and work with the client to meet project budgets. Listed below are a few examples of the services offered by Gilleran Energy Management.

Kevin Gilleran

Kevin Gilleran is the founder and principal of Gilleran Energy Management (GEM). With over 30 years of experience in green building and energy conservation, Kevin Gilleran offers a collaborative, solution-oriented approach to the process. He promotes gilleranenergy.com collaboration, ongoing communication, and teamwork in the development of sustainable buildings.

His background includes extensive building energy modeling, LEED documentation, Federal Tax Credits, Utility Incentives, and sustainable green building consultations. In addition, he has experience in commercial energy audits, solar PV project development, and energy service project development. His passion for sustainability and desire to help clients save money on their energy bills are what make him unique.


Verdafero has announced a new partnership with Gilleran Energy Management, one of the leading green building consulting firms in the United States. Together, the two firms will utilize the utility analytics platform of Verdafero. These services include an in-depth utility audit and detailed reports.

The Chinese term for ESG is Fen Xi. Its other names are Xu Jin Xing Ding Zhi and Yi Biao Lei Xing. It is a plant native to China and is used in traditional medicine. It is often used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. It is also a natural stimulant.

Verdafero has a patented software platform that allows users to monitor multiple utilities in real-time. The platform helps clients benchmark their portfolios and identify areas of improvement. In addition, it can track energy usage and costs, which allows clients to prioritize upgrades and reduce waste.

Santa Rosa

When you want to make a building more energy efficient, you can hire Gilleran Energy Management. This company supports design and construction teams in meeting their sustainability goals. They can provide you with energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability consulting. Here are some benefits of hiring Gilleran Energy Management for your building project.

Gilleran Energy Management is a Santa Rosa-based firm that provides green building and energy efficiency consulting. They work with architects, developers, design & construction teams, and owners to integrate energy efficiency measures. They focus on reducing energy consumption while preserving and integrating key aesthetic elements. They are also committed to promoting renewable energy.

Kevin Gilleran has over 22 years of experience in energy management and engineering. He has completed complex projects and has extensive experience in building energy modeling. His experience includes Federal Tax Credits and Utility Incentives, and he is a LEED(r)-certified consultant.

Green building

AEGB is an organization that helps building owners and managers optimize the energy efficiency of their commercial buildings. They have a wealth of experience in a wide range of projects, including energy modeling, utility incentives, and LEED documentation. They also offer educational opportunities and conduct free seminars. These services are available for both the general public and building professionals.

The company has offices in Santa Rosa and Oakland, California, and its team members specialize in sustainable building design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Their goal is to help customers reduce energy bills and create a healthier environment. They are committed to working with owners, developers, and design and construction teams to integrate green building practices and maximize energy savings.

Energy audits

Whether you’re looking for a company to help with energy project management, or you’re interested in incorporating energy-efficient design into your next project, Gilleran Energy Management is the solution for you. The company’s energy-management services will help you meet your goals while supporting your design and construction team.

The company’s energy auditors will review your home’s energy use and recommend ways to save energy. An energy audit can also increase your home’s resale value. They’ll also look at past utility bills to determine where you can make improvements. An energy audit can save you money and increase the comfort levels of your home.

The company provides energy audits and consultation services to a wide range of clients. Their expertise ranges from affordable housing to commercial buildings. They provide services tailored to the specific needs of each client. As an energy project management firm, Gilleran can also help you design and build a sustainable project and assist you with meeting funding requirements.

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