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Gacha Games: History And The Idea Behind Making Them


Jul 22, 2022
gacha games

Gacha games are a booming business. This genre was first popularized in Asia but is now the go-to choice for mobile gamers all over the globe. Its reputation has been built on uncertainty.

Gacha games are a game that offers random rewards and constantly changing storylines. They have been a hit with players of all ages since 2010. This guide will explain the basics of gacha, and why it has become such a popular genre.

Gacha Games: The History

Gamers who have been playing for a while know that gacha games offer similar rewards to loot boxes. They are almost identical in theory.

There is a huge difference in practice: loot boxes don’t make up a game’s core, while the boxes and packs you find in gacha games do. Gacha games were not created in the same location as the loot boxes.

This article explains the origins of this genre and explains why random rewards are so important. What are gacha games? And where did they come from?

Gacha Games History in a Nutshell

This genre was first created in Japan in 2010. Gachapon (gashapon), vending machines, which are very popular in Japan and other parts of Asia inspired the genre.

These machines can be filled with different toys in capsules. The machine will randomly dispense a capsule if you put money into it.

Gacha games function in the same manner: You load the game, purchase packs, and receive random rewards. Although it may not be a toy or a game aid, it can help you. You can choose any reward that is relevant to the story.

The reward for completing a game character could also be a weapon, or special abilities, for example.

What are Gacha Games?

Gacha games can be described as digital versions of collectible card games (CCGs). Gacha games with RPG elements are the best. But unlike RPG games characters and special items can be premade.

This means that you don’t have to do specific things in order to build up a character, or an item to make them more powerful. Your character or item can be used immediately.

This is part of the appeal of the genre. Gacha games are a game where you compete against other players or characters and/or complete certain missions.

Instead of spending time creating something capable of fulfilling said missions (like an RPG), The Elser miami you can just plug them in once they are done. This allows you to jump right into the action with full power.

Gacha is Ideal for Mobile Gaming

Gacha games are very popular among mobile gamers because of this dynamic. Mobile gaming is based on the principle that players can access their games at any time. Mobile gaming can be more fleeting. Recently, gacha has released a new Gacha Neon 1.7 APK for their fans.

There is no need for complex storylines that have been developed over long periods of time. Players should have instant access to the action, which allows them to stop and start whenever they want. We can also say that gachas are casual games.

This is an important point. We need to ask what gacha games are and how they differ from CCGs. Random rewards are the answer.

A gacha game requires you to buy a box or pack. These packs can contain random rewards such as fully formed characters that we have discussed. Entertainment and uncertainty are added to this mix.

Uncertainty is Created

To build a character in RPGs, you must complete tasks. You don’t know how many missions you will complete creating the perfect character. This adds uncertainty. Gacha games are different.

Instead, you can buy a pack and get a randomly selected, fully formed character. This character could be called a “unit” depending on what game it is. It’s impossible to predict which unit you will get. This element of chance can make things unpredictable and fun.

The best gacha games also have hierarchies. You can represent this in many ways. Some games use a star system with five stars representing the best and one representing the worst. You will be more engaged if you have stronger units than others.

You are not just trying to defeat other players or complete missions. But also trying to build bigger and more powerful units. The rewards are unpredictable so you never know what you will get.

Playing is the only way to get better characters and items. You get a system that allows you to always be in the loop and have the best chance of winning the most powerful characters. It also gives you the ability to start and stop at your will.

There are many possible rewards and you will receive one at random. These rewards are not free. You must pay for these rewards, just like the toys from a gachapon vending machine.

This means that you have to pay for it through in-game purchases.

So, this is where this article ends. Thanks for reading.

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