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Elaine Devry Net Worth


Aug 24, 2022
Elaine Devry

Elaine Devry is an American actress. During her early acting career, she was billed as Elaine Davis. In 1958, she married the actor Mickey Rooney. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million. She has played a variety of roles in films and television, including The Godfather, The Thin Man, and The Big Lebowski. Elaine Devry has appeared in over 70 films, with over 100 starring roles.

Elaine Devry is an American actress

Elaine Devry is a famous name in the Hollywood world. She has been married twice, once to a man she met at college and the other to a guy she dated after college. Both of them have a daughter and spent many years together. In their early years, the couple made their living as actors, but things went south when he was sentenced to five years probation for multiple robberies.

Elaine Devry was born Thelma Elaine Mahnken on January 10, 1930, in Compton, California. She began modeling at age fifteen. She later went on to graduate from Compton High School and attend Compton Junior College, where she was homecoming queen. After graduating, Devry married her high school sweetheart, Dan Ducich, in 1948. They lived in Butte, Montana, and divorced in 1954. After the divorce, Elaine moved back to California and worked as a carhop at Dolores Drive-In in Los Angeles.

After her first marriage, Elaine Devry moved to Los Angeles, where she became a carhop. In 1951, Devry met her future husband, Mickey Rooney. They married in Las Vegas on November 15, 1952, and had two children together. Elaine Devry is an American actress who worked on TV shows and films in Hollywood. There are two other divorces in her personal life. Neither of them is considered her most famous one.

She was billed as Elaine Davis in her early acting roles

As a child, Elaine Davis was billed as “Elaine Dee.” In her teen years, she grew up in a small town, where her mother taught English. After graduating from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts in 1979, Davis took acting lessons and acted in summer stock productions. Later, she worked as a waitress and lingerie model. In 1982, she made her feature film debut in Tootsie. Later, she appeared in several movies, including the horror film Buffalo Bill.

At age seven, Davis began acting. Her mother sent her to the Cushing Academy for girls to learn the craft. After graduating, she moved to New York City and studied under Lucille Ball. After a few years, Davis made her Broadway debut in “Broken Dishes.” She also starred in the movie “The Lady in the White Suit.”

During her early career, Davis struggled with indebtedness. She appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, including “Jezebel” (1952, Heisler). Another film she starred in was “Dead Ringer,” directed by Paul Henreid. In it, she played an identical twin who murdered her wealthy sister. The film has been a critical and commercial success for Davis.

She married Mickey Rooney in 1958

Elaine Devry is a famous American actress. Born in Compton, California, she was married twice and divorced in 1958. Her first marriage ended in a divorce in 1950. Devry met Rooney at a Hollywood driving range in the fall of 1952, and the couple later married in Las Vegas. Rooney divorced Devry two years later. They have three children. Elaine Devry married Mickey Rooney in 1958.

Mickey Rooney’s first marriage ended in 1951. He then married Martha, whom he had first married in 1949. The marriage lasted for six years and was dissolved in 1958. After the divorce, Mickey began an affair with Barbara Ann Thomason. They married in 1958 and had four children. However, Barbara was unfaithful and began an affair with Milos Milosevic. The two split after Milos shot himself and Barbara.

The couple divorced in 1957. Elaine Devry had been married to Dan Rooney before she met Mickey. The couple met at a driving range in the Woodland Hills area. Elaine Devry met Mickey Rooney two years later. Their divorce led to her meeting the radio personality. After the divorce, she was living in Los Angeles with her son Michael. She married Rooney a year later and they were married for the rest of their lives.

She has a net worth of $1 million

Actress Elaine Devry has a net wealth of $1 million. She has been in several films and television shows. She is 91 years old. According to reliable sources, she moved to Oregon in 2005. The net worth of Elaine Devry varies greatly, but she has been in the industry for decades. Elaine Devry’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Elaine Devry has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She earns around $40K per year and lives on a ranch in Oregon with her family. Her net worth has increased since the early 1970s. Her net worth may be higher, but that’s difficult to determine. You have to do the math to determine Elaine Devry’s net worth. If you’re wondering how rich she is, take a look at her wiki for details.

As an actress and model, Elaine Devry has been very successful and is currently worth over $1 million. She has starred in 46 films and television shows, earning her big money for her work in the entertainment industry. Her net worth is likely to increase over time, since Elaine Devry makes significant amounts of money through her various social media accounts. She has a website where she shares pictures of her pets and her favorite memories from past films.

She is currently single

Elaine Devry is single and has been in two failed marriages. She was married twice while still a teenager and is now retired. In 1948, she married her high school sweetheart Dan Ducich. They got married in Butte, Montana and lived there until their divorce in 1952. After her divorce, she married another actor, Mickey Rooney, in Las Vegas. They were married for six years and divorced in 1958. Since then, she has been living on a ranch in Oregon.

As of 2018, Elaine Devry is 92 years old. She will celebrate her 93rd birthday on 10 January 2023. Her birthday is a Friday, which means that she will turn 93 years old in 139 days. She is a famous actress and a popular member of the Hollywood community. Currently, she is single and doesn’t have a partner. However, she is famous on social media. She has many fans and has many followers.

She was born as Thelma Elaine Mahnken on January 10, 1930, in Compton, California. She started modeling at the age of 15 after a talent scout convinced her to become an actress. She graduated from Compton High School and attended Compton Junior College. During her time at college, she was the homecoming queen. She later appeared in movies like The Atomic Kid and the Boy Who Cried Werewolf. Her early acting roles were credited to Elaine Davis, which led to a rebranding of her name.

She was a model before becoming an actress

Elaine Devry began modeling at the age of fifteen. She then attended Compton Junior College. She was a homecoming queen during her time at high school and college. Elaine Devry married her high school sweetheart, Dan Ducich, and they settled in Butte, Montana, where she eventually divorced him. After a brief stay in Montana, she returned to California and began modeling again.

Elaine Devry was born Thelma Elaine Mahnken on January 10, 1930, in Compton, California. She attended Compton High School and Compton Junior College. She won the homecoming queen award and appeared in a few films while at school. She also costarred in a film with Mickey Rooney, The Atomic Kid, in 1967. Elaine Devry was a model before becoming an actress, and her first film role as Janice Wainwright starred her and Rooney. After graduation, Elaine Devry worked in Hollywood, appearing in several films. She won Best Actress Oscars in 1954 and 1956, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1968.

The famous actress had two divorces before she became an actor. In 1952, Devry married actor Dan Ducich in Butte, Montana. However, their marriage lasted just one year, and Devry remained a model throughout the years afterward. After the divorce, Devry went back to California and worked as a carhop at the Dolores Drive-In. After her second divorce, she went on to date and continue modeling.

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