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Does Kamia Harris Support BDS and Israel?


May 24, 2022

Attorney and politician Kamala Harris has recently been named the 49th Vice President of the United States. Harris is the first female vice president in U.S. history and the highest-ranking female official of color. She is also the first Asian American and African American vice president. However, the controversy surrounding her has yet to be fully resolved. However, the question remains: does Kamia Harris support BDS and Israel?

Dr. Kamia Harris

A doctorate in counselling psychology, Dr. Harris completed a residency in psychology at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler. She also holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counselling and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has extensive experience working with diverse populations. Upon the death of her father, George Floyd, she became one of the most influential advocates for social-justice reform in the country.

Dr. Kamia Harris is a renowned psychologist who has been practicing psychology for 18 years. Her research involves the application of neuroscience to the practice of psychology, especially mindfulness based techniques. She also works with children, adolescents and adults with emotional, physical, and psychiatric problems. Her credentials include membership of the Australian Psychological Society, Australian Association for Psychiatry, and the American Psychological Association.

Attorney General Kamia Harris

The progressive movement towards criminal justice reform has become increasingly popular across the country in recent years. Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act in 2010 and states reduced punishments for drug offenses, including crack cocaine. These laws have been endorsed by a majority of Democratic voters, and Harris’s progressive views seem to align with the new progressive agenda. While serving as the state attorney general in California and representing California in the US Senate, Harris has also launched a presidential campaign.

A prime example of Harris’ record is the California settlement with Sutter Health, a hospital giant. In the lawsuit, the state sued Sutter Health over its power to set higher prices, broker insurance deals, and force insurers to include all of its medical centers.

Supporter of Israel

Her position on the Iran nuclear deal has irked centrist Democrats. But her record on Israel is strong, even as she has opposed President Obama’s condemnation of Israel in the Security Council. And she has spoken at AIPAC conferences. But is her position on Israel really consistent with her stance on other issues?

During a recent visit to George Mason University, Harris spoke to a political science class and took questions from the students. She reaffirmed her support for Israel and the security of Israel by stating that “Israel is an important nation,” a response to the question “Do you agree with Israel?”

Supporter of BDS

There is a big question mark over whether or not Kamia Harris is a supporter or opponent of BDS. Although she has supported Israel in the past, she has never publicly stated her support of the BDS movement. Instead, Harris has consistently stayed close to the AIPAC line on Israel and the Palestinians. She voted against a bipartisan bill that would have imposed a ban on boycotts against Israel.

The Biden-Harris ticket promises to restore the bipartisan consensus on Israel. However, Harris has hardly shown signs of reversing the anti-Israel bias that typifies her campaign.

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