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CUET Mocks


Jul 27, 2022

Why To Solve CUET Mocks?

There are different modes of preparation. Practicing the CUET Mocks will help the candidates evaluate their performance and decide how to work on the weaker sections more efficiently.

Candidates would better understand the examination pattern, syllabus and topics to revise through mock tests.

Practicing these mocks will familiarize you with the exam environment and how to tackle tough situations. It decreases the pre-exam anxiety and helps to attempt the exam calmly. This article is mainly focused on the importance of CUET Mock Tests and why you should prefer solving them to enhance your preparation.

CUET Exam Pattern

Before solving any test, it is important to know the pattern of the exam to attempt the questions strategically. Candidates must be careful while attempting the questions as the exam consists of negative markings. There will be no marks for unattempted questions.

Below is the tabular illustration of the CUET UG Exam Pattern. Go through these details and analyze the paper pattern.

Number of Sections3
Section ILanguage test through reading comprehension. Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary Test for two languages (45 minutes for each language)Part There will be 13 regional languages to choose from in the first subsection.
Part There are 20 international languages to pick from in the second subsection.
Section IIDomain-SpecificCandidates can pick 6 out of 27 Domain-specific subjects per their desired University.
Section IIIGeneral TestGeneral Knowledge, General Mental Ability, Current Affairs, Quantitative Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning
Marks per Question5
Mode of ExaminationOffline
Duration of ExamSlot 1: 195 minutesSlot 2: 225 minutes
Negative Marking0.25 for every wrong answer
SlotsTwo Slots

CUET Syllabus

The CUET Syllabus is given below. Refer to the given details to have an illustrated view of the exam.

Section IA & IBThe language will be tested through the RC section (based on different passages–Factual, Literary, and Narrative, [Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary]).
Section IIAs given on the NTA website https://cuet.samarth.ac.in 
Section IIIGeneral Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration/stat taught till Grade 8), Logical and Analytical Reasoning

The domain-specific syllabus will be available on the NTA website https://cuet.samarth.ac.in

CUET Marking Scheme

Candidates need to know the marking scheme of the latest CUET exam to make a smart strategy and score better marks. Lack of knowledge about the marking scheme can result in poor performance. Therefore you should avoid such mistakes and do extensive research while preparing for the examination.

Total Marks1100 marks
Total No. Questions175
Question TypeMCQs
Correct Answer+5
Incorrect Answer-1
Unanswered Questions0 marks

CUET Mock Test: Key Features

Candidates must check important features of the Mock Test that will help them decide whether they should refer to the mock test or not.

  • The CUET Mocks online can be accessed on mobile phones and PCs.
  • The questions are designed by expert faculty.
  • Candidates can attempt CUET mock tests bilingually as per preference.
  • CUET Mocks are developed per the latest exam pattern and question trend.

Benefits of solving the CUET Mock Test

There are numerous benefits of solving the CUCET Mock Test. These are stated below:

  • Practicing mock tests increases the problem-solving speed and accuracy. Candidates get used to the difficulty level of different types of questions and, therefore, can solve them in a very short time.
  • Mock Tests are created according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus and therefore provide an idea of the exam questions and the strategy to prepare them.
  • Students can calculate the time each subject will take in the exam. They can learn proper time management and allot time according to the questions.
  • Self-assessment can be made by solving mock tests and can understand their strong and weak areas.
  • Students can mark questions in which they have doubts and get them cleared by teachers. This ensures that when students appear for the CUET exam, they do not have any doubts or queries.
  • It helps to determine the syllabus and topics covered in the exam and leads to better revision.
  • CUET Mocks online to make the candidates aware of the exam-like environment. It helps the students to become less anxious and attempt the exam stress-free.
  • The progress can be tracked better, and aspirants can analyze where they stand compared to competitors.
  • Analyzing the mistakes and rectifying them through study material will help candidates gain knowledge on various topics.
  • Different strategies can be formed while solving mock tests, which can be very useful when giving the main exam.

How to Attempt the CUET Official Mock test?

Candidates can attempt the CUET Official mock test on the official website. Below are the steps to attempt the official mock test:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the link for ‘Mock Test’ on the homepage.
  • After that, click on the link for “For NTA Mock Tests of December 2018 onwards, please click here”.
  • Enter your credentials to Register or Login.
  • Select the exam name, year, month, paper, subject, and language.
  • Start Attempting the mock test series.

The CUET mocks help candidates accelerate their CUET preparation. Mock exams serve as a precise replica of the actual test. Candidates can find their gaps in the topics and fill them in before taking the CUET exam by completing the mock test. CUET mock tests enable candidates to plan their time according to the difficulty level while also helping to improve retention. As a result, applicants should prepare through mocks and raise their results.

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