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Best TVZion App Alternatives For FireStick


Jul 22, 2022
TVzion alternatives

TVZion is a well-known app for movies and series on firestick. It was often compared to Cinema HD, which is one of the best alternatives. There was a premium and free version of the app with Trakt.tv integrations and Real Debrid integrations.

It found the best links for each title the users wanted to stream. Despite being a well-known app since 2018, it was permanently closed down. This is bad news for many users.

This is why we have listed many possible apps for movies or tv shows on firestick.

Alternatives to TVZion App

Here are the best alternatives apps for TVZion:

Cinema HD

Cinema HD, or Cinema APK, is a great alternative when it comes to movies and series for firestick. It can be compared to Terrarium TV.

This app uses scrappers for aggregating links from all over the Internet.


  • 100% free
  • Register without registration
  • A huge, up-to-date list of series and movies
  • Subtitles are supported in multiple languages
  • Trakt.tv Integration
  • Rea-Debrid Integration
  • Use MX player
  • It’s easy to navigate
  • Allows Kids mode

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is said to be the clone of the Terrarium TV App.

It’s also very useful when searching for the best online links to movies and series. It should be part of the TVZion App alternatives.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Great Sorting and Filtering skills are available
  • Utilizes web scrappers proprietary
  • Compatible with MX Player or other external media players
  • Open Subtitles supports subtitles
  • Trakt.tv Integration
  • Real Debridement Integration
  • You can add media to your Favorites
  • 100% Free

Nova TV

Nova TV is another popular movie-tv app that you can download for Android and Firestick. It works similarly to TVZion, providing the best links to any title.


  • The interface is simple and intuitive
  • 100% free
  • A huge selection of shows
  • Subtitles in multiple languages
  • Premium Integration for Trakt.tv & Real-Debrid
  • There are many different genres available
  • External players supported
  • You can add movies and shows to My Collection

Viva TV

The app provides high-definition content for movies and TV series. This app is completely free.

The app was recently updated. It now supports only players that are the official media player.


  • Support external media players
  • High-definition content
  • A good selection of movies and tv programs
  • Subtitles supported
  • Trakt.tv integration
  • Integration of Real Debride
  • There are no advertisements
  • Add a title to the watchlist


This app is one of the best TVZion alternatives. You can watch and download any movie using it.


  • This site offers a variety of movies and tv shows (from the oldest to the latest).
  • There are many genres to choose from
  • Subtitles supported
  • Add titles to Favorites
  • Integrate Real Debrid
  • Supports Trakt.tv
  • 100% free
  • Simple and easy to use

Cuco TV

We can’t list Zinitevi as an option for TVZion without also including Cuco TV.

This app is very similar in that it provides the best content to stream movies and tv shows.


  • The interface is simple and intuitive
  • A great selection of content
  • Links with high-definition images
  • All you need is a click
  • Subtitles supported
  • Search function
  • Integration of Real-Debris
  • Trakt.tv integration
  • Adds titles to Favorites


BeeTV, another great alternative to TVZion, provides on-demand content in many genres.


  • Clean interface with intuitive design
  • Large selection of content
  • Included are anime shows
  • Support external media players only
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Add media to the collection and watchlist
  • Integrate Trakt.tv
  • Subtitles support
  • 100% Free


Another Terrarium clone, this app needs to be updated regularly to keep you informed about the titles and shows it has.

This is why we include this app in our list TVZion alternative apps.


  • Full HD Links
  • Users can view trailers first
  • Good user interface
  • Search engine available
  • Trakt and Real-Debrid Integrations Supported
  • Add titles to Favorites
  • Allows external media players
  • Subtitles supported


Although this app is a new addition to the block, it can also be considered a Terrarium clone. We list it as an alternative to TVZion because of this.


  • Playing speed is high and buffering time is short
  • HD Links
  • Real-Debrid Integration and Trakt Integration
  • Favorites can be added with media
  • Subtitles supported
  • Allows external media players to be used
  • Search engine available

Tea TV

Tea TV is one of the most popular movies and TV series apps for firestick. It is a great choice to add it to our list of TVZion Alternatives, considering how long it has been around.


  • It plays HD and ultra HD movies, series, and TV shows
  • These are great suggestions
  • Multiple language support
  • Live TV is also available
  • Autoplay next episode
  • Trakt and Real-debrid integrations supported
  • Add media to your watchlist and collection

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Last Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful in learning about all possible options for TVZion App.

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