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May 24, 2022

Have you ever been in a store and wished that you could take home one of those huge batteries you’ve seen on the television? Then you should head to Battery World! This store sells smaller batteries, as well as the bigger ones. In addition to batteries, you can also find other accessories that use batteries, such as flashlights. The items in this store come in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose the size of the battery to fit the device.

Sepion Technologies

The electric program investment charge, or EPIC, is a government-funded initiative aimed at helping small businesses create better batteries. Sepion Technologies is one such company.

The money will help Sepion scale up polymer synthesis, roll-to-roll membrane coating, and battery cell fabrication. This will allow the company to deliver outstanding sample orders from Tier 1 cell manufacturers and develop the next generation of battery technology.


SES Holdings Pte. Ltd., a global leader in lithium-metal rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, has announced plans to host virtual Battery World events in the United States and South Korea on November 3 and in China on November 4. SES’s CEO Dr. Qichao Hu will share the company’s vision, strategy, and upcoming major breakthroughs in hybrid Li-Metal battery cell development. The virtual event will also feature a live Q&A with attendees.

The company’s focus on electric vehicles has led to a series of high-profile partnerships. Its ‘1st SES Battery World’ event, held online in the United States, South Korea, and China on November 4, was attended by a wide range of media. The event featured keynotes by Qichao Hu and several other industry figures. The SES-Hyundai team has been working on maximizing battery performance and developing a mass-marketable battery. The company also partnered with the car industry to test prototypes of its new batteries.

SES’s technology

SES Energy Storage plans to go public on NYSE under the symbol $SES. The company has developed a hybrid lithium metal battery technology that uses a liquid electrolyte to store energy. The solid anode layer and high concentration liquid electrolyte allow the lithium metal to store energy at a high density. It has been using these batteries as a platform for battery materials development. Currently, SES has operations in Shanghai, Boston, and Seoul.

Lithium metal batteries are the future of the battery industry and SES has developed technology that will improve energy density and charging speed. The company has also signed joint development agreements with automotive manufacturers. The company’s sample A and “A-sample” joint development agreements will be released in successive years. Hu Qichao, the company’s CEO, has disclosed that the company has sufficient amounts of nickel and copper reserves in many parts of the world. The company’s Platreef project in South Africa contains 4.1 billion pounds of nickel and copper. Its strategic importance is evident when it comes to future development layout.

SES’s family-owned business

SES is a global leader in high-performance Li-Metal rechargeable batteries. It has offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, and the U.S., including Boston and Shanghai.

In addition to General Motors Co. and the Hyundai Motor Group, SES has other significant investors. Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group, which owns Kia Corp., plans to purchase SES’s stake in the company after it reaches a certain price threshold. The NYSE-listed company will continue to seek investment opportunities in EV battery and materials companies.

SES’s strategy for the future of batteries

SES is an integrated lithium-metal battery manufacturer with strengths in materials, cells, modules, and AI-powered safety algorithms. As an investor in the company, you can learn more about the company and its strategy for the future of batteries in its annual investor presentation. Listed below are a few key highlights from SES’s recent investor presentations.

The SES battery’s most important component is its electrolyte. This liquid electrolyte is more concentrated than the electrolyte in conventional lithium-ion cells. The latter contains a mixture of solvent molecules and electrolyte salt molecules. This makes them stick together and prevent dendrite formation.

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