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Amiri King


Aug 24, 2022
Amiri King

Amiri King has been a YouTube sensation since his early years. When he was 16, he was arrested for armed robbery and spent three years in jail. After being released, he decided to make a change in his life and pursue a career as a commercial YouTuber. Amiri’s videos are known for parodying different things, including cars and his own life. He has collaborated with several comedians to create some of his videos.

Tony Donovan Schork

Amiri King was born in 1979 as Tony Donovan Schork. He changed his name when he was eighteen. He was inspired by the poets Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen. As a child, Amiri King was raised on the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. She often swept the parking lot and waited for the left-overs of gas stations. Her mother was a single mom and she struggled to support her child.

While there are rumors of a possible divorce, Amiri has not disclosed any details of her past relationships. She is married to Sara Ruminski and has three daughters. She has remained silent about her personal life and has not made any public announcements about her love life. Amiri’s social media accounts show pictures of her daughters. She is active on Instagram and YouTube. She has also been active on Facebook and Twitter.

Amiri King is a Christian and Native American. His birth name is Tony Donovan Schork, but he has chosen to change it to Amiri. He grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and has no information about his biological father. He had a troubled childhood. He was arrested at the age of sixteen and convicted of a felony. His father is rarely talked about, and King did not mention him in interviews.

Amiri King has been on the cover of Reader’s Digest three times and has received numerous awards for her work. She has appeared in movies as well, including “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.” King has also been recognized as a best comedienne by Leo Magazine, which awarded her with the “Best Comedian” award in 2014.

Amiri King and Tony Donovan Schork have a net worth of over $250,000, according to wikiHow. King earns most of his income through his YouTube channel, which has more than 300k subscribers. He also sells art to art galleries, and writes comical content for local comedians. The two are part of a team that aims to make comedy videos as well as other mediums.

Amiri started dabbling in the film industry at a young age, but quickly realized that he didn’t want to be a star. At the age of 16, he was arrested for armed robbery and spent three years in jail. After completing his sentence, he made the decision to change his life. He began working as a commercial YouTuber. Amiri’s videos are funny and satirical of cars and his life. In addition, he has collaborated with several other comedians.

In 1999, Amiri King, who is the lead actor in Tony Donovan Schork and A Miri King, both experienced challenging childhoods and were abused by their father. He was convicted of first-degree armed robbery and served a three-year sentence in federal prison. Amiri King has since returned to his hometown as an inspirational speaker and shares his experiences.

Amiri King is a YouTube comedian who began starring in comedy after his release from prison. He has over 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos have gained millions of views. He also collaborated with Peter Shukoff and Tony Donovan Schork. The two comedians’ videos have become viral on the video sharing website. Amiri King is known for his witty humor and his ability to make audiences laugh.

Despite their relatively new status, Amiri King has been extremely popular on social media platforms. Her official Facebook page has over a hundred thousand followers. The video creator also has a highly popular Twitter account with over 80,000 fans. Amiri is also involved in several independent films and has contributed as a writer to other comedians’ films. If you’re a fan of both comedians, you can check out the videos they have uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Amiri King is a popular YouTube personality. She is married to Tony Donovan Schork and has three children. King has also been a con man and has spent time in prison. Since her release, she has turned into a motivational speaker for youth organizations and high schools. King has also made a YouTube sensation. She has a YouTube channel called RoyalMediaMafia.

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