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Age of Doma Demon Slayer


Sep 8, 2022
Doma demon slayer

Doma demon slayer is one of the most terrifying demons in the game. He has a high pain tolerance, and cannot feel emotions, but he is also a masochist. His disturbing habits include sticking a finger into a victim’s skull, puncturing a hole in his temples, and fondling his victim’s brain. However, despite his gruesome methods, he maintains a calm and serene face throughout.


The character Doma demon slayer is the second highest ranked warrior in the Upper Moons. He makes his terrifying debut in season two of the Demon Slayer anime. His voice is provided by Mamoru Miyano, who is known for his roles in Hunter x Hunter and Tokyo Ghoul.

Fans of the demon slayer are excited to see Miyano play the character. The actor is most well-known for his role as Light in the Death Note series, but he has voiced other characters such as Tamaki from the Ouran High School Host Club, Rintaro from Steins;Gate, Chrollo from Hunter x Hunter, and Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul. Fans will be delighted to hear Miyano play Douma, and they will be sure to look forward to his appearance in the anime.

Doma demon slayer is a psychopathic demon who is ruthless and manipulative. He resembles Muzan Kibutsuji, but is incapable of understanding basic human emotions. His delusions are based on a grotesque ideal reality where his evil deeds will save him.

While Doma is a complex demon, his friendly side is also a dark one. He likes to devour young women. He first encountered Daki and Gyutaro while consuming a woman. They were turned into demons, and they helped Doma grow stronger by eating humans.

Douma’s Blood Demon Art

Douma’s Blood Demon Art is a form that resembles a lotus. Originally, it was a blade that Sumire possessed that could cut and slash. Its name is taken from her family. The form is incredibly dangerous because it can be deadly.

Douma possesses many abilities, including the ability to change his face depending on the social situation. He often prefers to spread knowledge and lies than to spread fear. In this way, he is capable of making a wide variety of faces and emotions, including anger and sadness.

When Shinobu stabbed Douma, he was able to make him spit blood in his mouth. He also stabbed Douma through the gut with his blade, which caused the wood on the roof to splinter. Shinobu had a hard time predicting where to strike, but he still managed to kill Douma.

Douma’s Blood Demon Art was a unique form of magic. While a blade can destroy a human with two strikes, a blade with the Demon Slayer Mark can make a demon slayer extremely powerful. It increases Kairi’s physical strength and endurance.

When Douma first appeared, you would have to confront him with the idea of eating a human. But if you aren’t sure if you can do it, he’d say no. He had killed 50 demons as a kinoe. He then took four years to become a hashira. His secret room had an unpleasant odor that almost made someone throw up.

Psychopathic tendencies

The ENFJ character in Demon Slayer, , has a psychopathic nature despite his outwardly friendly demeanor. Although he claims to care for his fellow Upper Moons, he does not show any real emotions, even towards his adopted daughter Akaza. It’s no wonder that he compensates for this lack of human emotions by lying to many people. In addition, he lacks genuine feelings of grief, and even his apathy towards his victims may be a source of his psychopathy.

His psychopathic tendencies started at a young age, when his parents thought he was a supernatural being. They groomed him to become a religious leader of the Eternal Paradise Cult. While they were grooming him, his mother killed his father and herself in front of him. As a child, Doma did not show any remorse for killing his parents.

Doma’s psychopathic tendencies are rooted in his masochistic pain tolerance and inability to feel emotion. His disturbing habits are the result of this masochistic nature and are often displayed in the form of a smiling face. His tendency to kill women is particularly disturbing, although there are notable exceptions to this rule. He has also been known to stick a finger into the skull and puncture holes in the temples. In addition, he has even been known to fondle the brain.

While in human form, Doma used his followers as food. His cult emphasized women and tried to influence them to join the group. He also possessed psychopathic tendencies and he ate women. He was ultimately defeated by Shinobu and Inosuke.


In Age of Doma demon slayer, the main character is a charismatic and friendly young man. Despite the fact that his appearance and mannerisms are quite inviting, he is actually a cruel and psychopathic demon slayer who murders people and eats young women. This demon slayer is not without his flaws, however.

One of his most amazing abilities is his amazing memory. him can remember things up to a century in advance. He was also able to perform a number of tricks, including eating and killing his followers. He was also able to keep his tricks even when they got him killed and ate.

Although Doma was born a human, he was not a religious person and did not believe in gods. He also believed that the afterlife did not exist and that only stupid people believed in it. He eventually came to accept the existence of Heaven and Hell, despite his nihilist disposition.

Doma is the sixth-best moon demon. He also has no emotions and is described as psychopathic. This is similar to Kibutusuji Muzan, although he reveals a cheerful face while doing sadistic things. He also has the ability to create crystal beasts that resemble himself.

In the game, Doma attacks by moving fans. He also uses a wind attack called Freezing Fog, which freezes objects in its path. When inhaled, this attack can even freeze a person’s lungs. In addition, Doma can use ice lotuses and slashes of snow and ice. Throughout the game, Doma will also fight against the Arctic White Princesses, two humanoids, and Wintry Icicles.


The first Demon Slayer of the series, , is a complex demon. He has a friendly side and a dark side. He usually feeds on young women to make them stronger. him also tries to attract humans by pretending to be friendly. The two Demon Slayers first met Doma demon slayer while he was consuming a woman. In the process, Doma turned both of them into demons.

His transformation into a demon occurs about a century before the show’s setting. He is a powerful demon who lures people into his cult, and fends off the Demon Slayers. His gold-plated fans and robes were recreated by cosplayer ‘Kuzuko’.

After being transformed, fights his older brother, Kanae Kocho, a demon slayer. Kanao and Inosuke then finish the demon, and Doma dies from his injuries. Afterwards, Shinobu and Inosuke, who are slaying demons for a living, come to the castle of Infinity and gather the moon demons.

In the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, Doma is an Upper Moon Two and a member of the Twelve Demon Moons. He has a muscular body and skin-tight red turtleneck. His eyes are rainbow colored, and his hair is a silvery gold color. He sometimes wears a black coat, but usually wears loose tan pants. He uses a gold fan that has a lotus design.

Doma can create ice clones and other creatures using his abilities. One of his greatest assets is his ability to manipulate multiple blades with his hands. In addition to this, his Blood Demon Art is called Cresent Moon Blades.

His relationship with Kanae

The relationship between the Doma demon slayerand Kanae Kocho is a controversial one among fans. While many fans believe that a slayer and his/her victim should have a platonic relationship, there is also a strong sense of tragedy and toxicity between the two. Hence, fans want to see a relationship between the two.

As the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba series, is a member of the second-rank moon demons and is also a leader of the Eternal Heaven sect. However, he is not a devoted religious person and has an apathetic approach towards the supernatural.

Kanao’s parents did not do their best to raise him. He suffered abuse and was sold into slavery. One day, the Kocho sisters chanced upon him. Shinobu was able to distract the slave trader and Kanao was able to escape and be with the Kocho sisters.

During the final selection, Tanjiro was distant from Kanao and did not express his emotions. However, when Kanao confronts him on Natagumo Mountain, Tanjiro tries to save his sister from death. The two eventually fall in love and have a child.

The Doma demon slayer relationship with Kanae is complicated. Like Kanao, the other main characters are also afflicted with emotional turmoil. The DAma demon is a woman and Shinobu’s male counterpart is a man.

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